making life easy – the chiappa sisters

Before Bella was born, our Sunday morning ritual was to watch YouTube videos before getting out of bed.  We always ended up watching cooking videos to see if we could find something special to cook that day – we’re cool, okay?  

Now that Bella is here and extremely averse to spending long mornings in bed, YouTube videos are our way of bribing her to let us lay in a little bit longer.  Sick of watching Elvis and Frozen videos on repeat, I’ve worked out that as long as the video contains a child of some sort, Bella is more than happy to stay still and watch – enter Jamie Oliver’s Family FoodTube.  That’s where I found and realised my love for Michela Chiappa and her easy baby food recipes.  This one is perfect for those days where Bella is starving and I haven’t got anything pre-prepared to feed her.  Click on the picture to go to the video.



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