2017 resolutions

Every year I speak to my friends and every year I am surprised by how controversial New Year resolutions seem to be.  Many argue that it sets you up for failure, but I feel that by writing down my goals, it gives me direction for the year to come.  Wanting to be made accountable for my goals this year, I am posting them for you to see.  I feel this will make me accountable for them.

  1. Have more holidays.  I know this sounds silly but it’s something that we really struggle to do.  Aligning our schedules to have proper downtime (i.e. not just couch time) is really tricky.  Daniel works 6-7 days a week generally so getting him to switch off is good not only for him, but us as a family.
  2. Spend more time doing what I want to do.  Like I said in my previous post, 2016 taught me to take time to just do what I want, not “need” to do.  I want to build my business, I want to build my blog, I want to spend my time wandering the markets.  All these things that always fall to the bottom when there are things that need to be done.  House keeping can wait!
  3. Establish a good beauty routine.  I’m sure it’s not just mums who let their beauty routine fall to the side.  Ladies, 2017 is your time to really take care of yourself.


  1. Get back good eating habits.  We have also been healthy eaters and to be honest, we still are compared to what is increasingly becoming the Western norm of fast food and takeout.  However, lately we have been enjoying pizza a bit too often, choosing easier options which require minimal effort and maybe not eating enough raw food.  This year is going to be all about wholesome, healthy foods again – sorry, Domino’s!
  2. Get back into a fitness routine.  Along with healthy eating, my fitness routine has not been a routine at all.  Exercising once or twice a week will not make me a fit person.  I’m going to make fitness a part of my regular schedule this year.


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