au naturale – my beauty picks


When it comes to beauty products, I try to keep as many of my products as natural as possible.  Here are a couple of my favourites:

1. Activated charcoal.  I will admit I haven’t fully explored the wonder that is activated charcoal but I can vouch for its teeth whitening abilities.  As a girl who loves coffee and tea, this stuff scrubs off those stains leaving me with pearly whites.  TIP: save money by buying from eBay.  There are plenty of companies who just repack and resell in smaller quantities.  Don’t be fooled by their pretty packaging.

2. Bamboo toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles.  I also bought these from eBay.  At first they were purchased to use with the activated charcoal but they are now replacing our everyday toothbrushes.  Better for the environment, no gross plastic and nasty chemicals and the bristles actually fight off bacteria left behind from brushing – I think that’s a win.

3. Betonite clay.  Another wonderful beauty staple.  Mix it with coconut oil and you’ve got the perfect cleanser or mask.  Add some oat bran and you’ve got yourself an all natural exfoliator.  I bought mine from my organic whole foods store.  Happy days.

4. Coconut oil.  I can’t have a natural beauty post without mentioning the wonder that is coconut oil. I use it for everything – hair mask, cleanser, makeup remover, body oil, lip balm, eye moisturiser (the best anti-wrinkle serum ever), beard softener (for Daniel, not me) and nappy cream (for Bella).

5. Kora Organics foaming cleanser and blemish gel.  I’ve been using this cleanser for about 6 years now on and off.  I absolutely love it.  Why do I use it on and off?  Because sometimes I think the grass is greener on the other side – it isn’t.

6. Model Co’s natural tan.  I always feel torn between getting a real tan and using tanning products.  A real tan needs the sun and harmful UV rays, fake tan uses chemicals to stain the skin.  To find a happy medium, I’ve been experimenting with fake tan made derived from natural ingredients.  I find this one is a good one – the tan is brown and lasts the same length of time as those derived from manmade ingredients – excellent!

7. Bodecare Jute Face Brush and Bodecare Towelling Headband.  This face brush is perfect for getting a natural glow and for decongesting pores.  I team it with this headband to create a real spa-facial vibe.

8. Sukin hand soap (container not featured).  Gentle on the skin and easy to wash off.  I can’t stand soaps that linger on the skin or require numerous washes to feel gone.

What are your natural beauty tricks?

NB: How cute are my toothbrush holder and soap pump?  Kmart baby!

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