date night look

We’ve been trying to make more of an effort with our relationship and have been starting to incorporate date nights into our routine as often as we can. It’s nice to spend time with the person you love and as an adult. 

I have to admit this is my go-to date night look but it’s so easy, I thought I’d share. Be prepared – there’s really nothing to it.

The base:

Prime the skin – I use an Hourglass primer.  My absolute favourite.

Prime the eyes – I have oily eye lids and a cheap liquid eye liner.  To counteract, I use Nars eyelid primer and add it just below my water line as well.  (And yes, I know I could just invest in a more expensive eye liner.)

Apply your foundation and concealer – if I were using a lot of eye shadow, I’d leave this step to close to last but as I rarely use eye shadow to do this look, I’m finishing off my base here.  I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for a flawless finish but add it sparingly – I don’t want to look caked.

Set your foundation with a powder.

The Eyes:

Cat eye – I draw an understated cat eye to my eye lid.  You can exaggerate it as much as you want.  As we were just going for drinks and dinner at a small low-key restaurant, I wanted my makeup low-key too.  For this look I used a liquid eye liner but gel would be good too.

Line your lower lash line – I used a matte dark brown eye shadow from my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette.  You want to look smokey and as though your lashes are casting a shadow.  Bring the eye shadow to follow the flick of your liquid liner.

Apply your mascara, apply and apply again – You want thick lashes.  Thick enough to look as though they are creating that shadow you’ve just drawn.  I use the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

Add some shimmer to your tear ducts to make them pop.

Fill in your brows as you normally would.

The Skin and the Lips:

Bronzer – Using a matte bronzer, I add warmth to the face.  I chisel out my cheek bones and then dab bronzer of the places I think the sun would most likely hit my face – my temples, the bridge of my nose and my chin.  You want to look sun kissed.

Blush – I add colour to the look by using a pink shimmer blush.  Old faithful Nars Orgasm blush is my go-to.

Increase your lip size – line your lips with a nude lip liner.  This is where you get to even out the shape of your lips and give the illusion of larger lips if you want.  I use Model Co’s nude lip liner.  I find it applies well and suits my skin tone.

Colour your lips – There are times when I go bold and colourful and times when nude is just…less messy.  Here, I used a nude lip colour.  I went for a wet-look lipstick as opposed to a matte one because I find takes away from the warmth of the blush and bronzer.

That’s it.  You’re done.  Told you it was easy.

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