black and gold

One day when I sitting in one of my university classes, I realised something – I wore something black everyday.  Whilst it was an issue probably less important than what my lecturer was teaching, it amazed me.  How did this happen?

I know black is a colour heavily celebrated in the fashion industry but did I really want to spend every day of my life in it?  The answer was no.  So I went home and I literally bagged up everything I owned that was black and began filling my wardrobe with colour.

Although I have allowed black back into my wardrobe (unfortunately, with corporate wear, it’s too hard to steer away from), I still seldom wear an all-black outfit.  Today was different somehow.  I reached into my closet and just wanted everything to match.  So from top to bottom, I’m in black.  Make note of it.  It may not happen again for a while.

I did sneak in a bit of colour with my red nails and vintage jewellery.

Let me know what you think of the bag too.  It will possibly be featured in my store’s first collection.  Keep an eye out for it!

Sometimes all-black is just…easy.  Chic with minimal effort.

Top: Seed Heritage

Pants: New Look

Shoes: Boohoo

Bag: Lola – Coming soon in 2017

Bracelet: vintage

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