autumn, thanks for trying

Well we’re nearly at the end of March in a year that feels as though it started only yesterday.  Even the weather seems lost – ‘didn’t I just turn up the heat a minute ago?’

Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat.  I love that with heat comes the beach, comes late nights, comes long hot afternoons but I also love the change in seasons.  I love a cool change, I love feeling the chill on my skin and I love the change in fashion.

I’ve been trying to fill gaps in my wardrobe with key essentials.  Unable to bring out my winter coats, I find I’m leaning toward lighter jackets to help me deal with this confusing weather of cold mornings and hot afternoons.  I just love this blazer and the fact I got it 30% off (thank you Unidays) is even better.  Nothing beats a kickass blazer.

Blazer: Slide Show

Top: Bare Basics

Jeans: Country Road

Shoes: Boohoo

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