5 ways to be happier

Right now my little family are going through some big things – my partner and I are currently separated and we’re all still adjusting.  While I’m not really ready to divulge into too much detail – it’s still too raw for me – but more than ever I understand the importance of mental strength and positivity.  I’m also aware of the energy both we both as parents (and also others outside our circle) are putting into the environment particularly around the little miss.


Lately, my time spent alone has made me reflect on what I can do within myself during this troublesome time to keep her secure and happy.  We all know the usual – exercise, meditate, think positive thoughts – but there’s a few more that I’ve found help:

  1. Say you’re happy.  Have you ever noticed how rare it is to hear someone say that they’re happy at any moment?  Have you ever noticed how common it is to hear someone say how angry/annoyed/irritated/sad they are at any moment?  Whilst I try not to be a negative person, I know I’m definitely guilty of letting people know when something pisses me off.  It wasn’t until I was watching an Instagrammer’s story the other week and heard her say aloud “I’m so happy” – that it hit me.  Perhaps it’s because of what we’re going through at the moment but I want those three words to be a part of Bella’s vocabulary and so I’ve been trying to lead by example.
    Try finding (and announcing) that something makes you happy at least twice a day.  I’ve noticed that when I say it out loud to others, they react in a such a positive way.  Saying it out loud also seems to amplify those happy feelings within myself too.  It’s a win win situation.
  2. Jump for joy.  I learnt this trick from reading a Miranda Kerr interview.  She and her son jump for joy every day.  It sounds silly and when you start doing it it feels a little ridiculous too but it works and once you get going, it feels so good.  We’ve made it a part of our morning ritual now to tear off Bella’s sleeping bag, say how happy I am to see her and then jump around like mad.  I’m sure the neighbours wonder what the hell we’re doing but I don’t care.
  3. A long hot shower.  For a few months, Bella would shower instead of bathe of a night.  Now that she refuses to hop in, we’ve gone back to using the bath in her night time routine which means mummy has her showers back.  I never truly appreciated just how sacred that alone time is.  There’s something about the sound of the water, the warmth and the silence that really relaxes me.  There’s something about cleansing the body that cleanses the mind too.
  4. Animal videos.  Search for ‘panda’ and ‘zookeeper’ and let the happiness kick in.  PS I love pandas.
  5. Do something and give it your full attention.  One of the first nights I spent alone, I watched Hors De Prix (aka Priceless).  It is one of my all-time favourite movies.  As I was putting the disc in the blu-ray player, I thought – I have the opportunity here to watch this without distraction and that’s what I’m going to do.  I left my phone in the other room, turned off the baby monitor and lay there and watched the whole thing start to finish without diverting my attention.  It felt good.

Do you have any happiness inducing tips?

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