FEED ME: breakfast smoothie

This smoothie is so good. Like so good we have it on 2 degree mornings…under the warmth of a heater.

You can top it with whatever you have in the house – chopped dates, flaked coconut, chia seeds, chopped peanuts, the list goes on.

We have ours with the homemade cacao pops we have started to make and warmed up all natural peanut butter.

Have it in a bowl, a mason jar or a good old fashioned glass. It’s delicious in any vessel.


3 frozen bananas

1/4 cup pure coconut cream

1 tablespoon cacao

1 tablespoon coconut sugar

1/4 cup almond milk

Topping of choice (see suggestions above)


1. Now for the tricky bit. Chuck everything except the topping in your blender. Blend.

2. Pour into your jar/bowl/glass and top with whatever you like. Devour.


NOTE: for those who like a smoothie bowl, I’d suggest freezing your coconut cream. Pour into an ice cube tray and leave until frozen. This will give you a thicker, more spoonable consistency.

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