MUM LIFE: a day out with a toddler

It’s funny how much your perspective on packing for a day out changes over time. In the first few weeks of Bella’s life, we decided we’d go for a drive around town. I was starting to get cabin fever and had to get out for a bit. What was supposed to be a quick trip ended with us spending the afternoon in Costco.

Whilst we survived this trip without any hiccups, I remember us thinking how stupid we had been for leaving the house without a nappy bag filled to the brim of everything and anything you could possibly need.

Over time I’ve realised that there’s no point in stressing unnecessarily about what I should and shouldn’t bring.  Now I bring the bare essentials because I know we’ll survive – this mentality absolutely freaks out my mum but I haven’t been wrong…yet.

Things obviously change as your child moves into different stages of their lives but I find this works for a child 12 months to 22 months as we are right now. f92c07ca-27db-4f6f-9e1b-9da72e1a4168
1. Backpack. I was originally gifted a Mimco baby bag however, upon leaving it in my car one night, it was stolen. Hope they enjoyed the fact that they got a bag full of nappies, wipes and tampons. The bag was incredibly heavy and large. I would literally have to shove it in the compartment in my pram or, on the days where it was really full, would have to resort to hanging it over the handlebar. This Hype backpack has been amazing. We’ve had it now for over a year and it is lasting!! It is a bit more expensive than some others but the quality is there plus who doesn’t love a good Spongebob themed print?


2. Gaia wipes.  They’re made from bamboo which means they are not only more environmentally friendly but they’re also super strong as well – nobody has time for wipes that year on their way out of the packaging. They’re also better for bub’s skin. They are more on the expensive side but I buy the in bulk from Chemist Warehouse and so it’s not too bad.

3. Little Ones nappies. I was a Huggies girl through and through until one day my local woolies has sold out of Bella’s size. I bought this brand out of desperation and I haven’t gone back. They’re cheaper than Huggies but they are so good! I’ve tried so many different brands – from cheap to environmentally friendly and always went back to Huggies – until I found these.  Problem is – they’re only sold in Woolworths stores.

4. Books! I say this with an exclamation mark because these are as important for her as they are for me. They come out in the car and because they are super small, they weight nothing and so you can bring a bunch and as she gets sick of one, you hand her the next. Life saver!!

5. A soft toy.  I used to select a toy for Bella to bring but now that each toy apparently has its own personality and purpose, I let her pick which one(s) she wants to bring. They are now treated as a friend so I’ll hear her talking to them in the back seat – again another life saver for the car ride.

6. A change of outfit. I saw outfit because you never know which piece of clothing will come under attack from dirt, grass, food, drink – the list goes on. I only pack one change of clothes because I’ve learnt that trying to keep a toddler clean is a battle lost.


7. A water bottle. Let’s get one thing straight – sippy cups suck. If you’re using a drink bottle that requires no effort for liquid to pour out of it, you’re going to end up with it all over your car. I’ve bought three of these bottles from Cotton On. They’re $5 each now and they are amazing. The lid opens to reveal a straw. I generally bring it with water and if we’re out and get something a juice (we run on freshly squeezed juice), I just top it up with that.


8. Pawpaw ointment. I. Love. This. Stuff. It sits high in my list of natural multipurpose products.  I use this for anything and everything – grazes, wind burn, chapped lips, nappy balm – it’s amazing.

You’ll notice I haven’t got any food in the bag.  I HATE carrying food.  I’ll pack it if I have to but I’d much rather buy her fruit or sushi out rather than risk anything stinking up the bag or spilling.

What do you pack?

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