FACT: the Earth’s soil isn’t as nutritious as it once was.  What this means is that our vegetables aren’t as nutritious as they once were.  So while you can keep your protein powder to yourself, I’m going to be all over these supplements.


Swisse Hair Skin Nails +. I take these because my goal is to have mermaid hair by the end of the year.  I notice such a big difference when I take these supplements (or the liquid form).  It has vitamin C and silica (for collagen production and healthy hair, skin and nails), biotin (reduces nail breakage) and antioxidants.

Cacao.  Cacao is made by cold pressing raw cocoa beans.  This process preserves the living enzymes in the bean.  Roasting the beans as is done to produce cocoa powder destroys these.  I take cacao for it’s high magnesium content (energy and vital electrolytes) but it’s also good for flavinoids (antioxidants), sulfur (hair, nails, liver and pancreas), monoamine oxidase (natural appetite suppressant) and anandamide (induces euphoria, natural aphrodisiac).

Blackstrap molasses.  I’m convinced you either love the taste and texture of blackstrap or hate it.  I hate it.  I refrigerate it to make it slightly less goopy, take a large spoon, scoop it up, shove it in my mouth and chase it with as much water as I need.  My baby daddy however, loves it.  He takes as much as I do and makes sure he licks the spoon clean.  Nevertheless, blackstrap is good for relieving PMS symptoms, combats stress, stabilises blood sugar levels, prevents cancer, assists with skin and hair health and lowers cholesterol all from the vital vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium in this goopy stuff.


Maca.  Maca is Peruvian ginseng ground dried and ground into a powder.  I don’t care what anyone says it does not smell similar to butterscotch.  I take this one in capsule form.  If I do take it in a smoothie, it’s in a jar with a lid that has a hole only big enough for the straw to fit in so as little smell seeps out – do what you gotta do, right?  Maca is another energy enhancer, hormone regulator, fertility booster, natural aphrodisiac, stress reliever and immune booster.  It contains 55 phyto-chemicals, is jam-packed with vitamins and contains amino acids, calcium and phosphorus.  I credit my quick and easy (and surprise) pregnancy from taking maca.  I started taking the supplement when I hopped off the pill to assist with hormone rebalance and to ease the anxiety I had started suffering from and I ended up pregnant within a week or so.

Chia seeds.  I try to drink a glass of water with chia seeds daily.  Gelatinous plants move through the digestive tract and clean it up pushing toxins and other stragglers out with them.  Chia is also good for omega-3 (good for heart health and brain function), carbohydrates, protein, fibre, antioxidants, a variety of minerals and calcium.


Spirulina. I must admit I’m a wuss when it comes to this supplement.  I take it in ways where I cannot taste it – in smoothies or in capsule form – because it tastes like what it is – pond scum.  Spirulina is high in protein (50-61%), thiamin/vitamin B1 (assists with fat and protein digestion, energy, eye health, brain health and improved nerve function), iron (transports oxygen around the body), calcium (26 times more than in milk, strong bones and teeth), antioxidants (protection against damaging free radicals), vitamin A (eye health, healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue and mucus membranes), vitamin K1 (blood health), vitamin K2 (helps transport calcium around the body), magnesium (energy, calms nerves and anxiety, heart health, reduces muscle aches and spasms), chromium (assists in regulating blood sugar).

NOTE: To save money when buying all these supplements, I do my research.  I buy my powders in bulk and make my own capsules.  I hate how expensive pure supplements are in the shops particularly in capsule form.  Supplements don’t have to be expensive, just take the time to shop around.

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