JOURNEY: surgery

Long story short – I went to sleep and I woke up with new boobs.


Long story long – I woke up at 4:10am on Friday 20 October to make sure baby daddy was awake and about to make his way over to watch Bella.

It was easy to wake up that morning.  It wasn’t because of nerves – I didn’t let myself feel nervous and slept the whole night before without waking.  My week leading up to it had been so full on, I’d barely had time to think about the surgery to be honest.  I did however, feel hungry (I had to fast for a minimum of 6 hours prior to check-in at 8:30am – and as I like my sleep so much, I wasn’t waking at 2:30 just to feed my stomach).  I also felt thirsty (I had to stop drinking water from 6:30am).

My sister drove me the three hours to Sydney where I was to receive my benelli lift  and breast augmentation.  Canberra patients of Esteem Cosmetic Studio have their surgeries performed in Sydney.  After a few ‘unique’ driving manoeuvres, we finally made it to the Macquarie Street Day Surgery – albeit an hour late.

Upon arrival, I was handed consent forms to be completed and signed.  I was soon taken to a consultation room where my details were confirmed, ID tags were placed on my ankle and wrist and soon I was saying goodbye to my sister.

The nurse moved me into the hospital’s change rooms and I was handed a paper robe to change into.  ‘Just remove all your clothes except your underwear.’

I looked at her – ‘ahhhh, what happens if my underwear happens to be a g-string?’

With a chuckle she responded, ‘don’t worry I’ll make sure you’re tied up well at the back!’

Once that obstacle was dealt with, I was taken to a bed and given a warm blanket while various hospital staff came to read over my file.

My surgeon soon came in.  I dropped my robe and he started to draw on my chest.  Lines to ensure things would be as symmetrical as possible, lines to demonstrate where to cut and lines to lift things where they need to be lifted.  I pulled my robe back up and was soon joined by my anesthetist to get the ball rolling for surgery.  With the appropriate tube inserted into my arm, I was walked to the operating theatre.

Another warmed blanket had been placed on the operating table so that it was comfortable for me to lay on and within minutes of lying down and getting comfortable, I was out.

I woke up in recovery an hour and a half after surgery had finished.  I drowsily opened my eyes and realised where I was.  I remember the recovery nurse watching over me say ‘oh.  She’s finally awake.’

I thought to myself, ‘but I don’t want to be awake.  This sleep is too good.’  I closed my eyes again.

‘Oh.  She’s out again.’

Moments later, I came to and my recovery nurse offered me biscuits or crackers.  ‘Both please.’

‘Would you like it with juice or water?  You want both, don’t you?’

I smiled.

Within seconds, I was sitting up with a juice in one hand and a cracker in another and I suddenly remembered – I’ve had my boobs done!  I put the drink and food down and had a good peak down my robe.  There they were, two perfect breasts staring back at me.  I smiled to myself and went back to my juice and crackers.

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At this stage, I felt drowsy, my chest was tight but I was feeling pretty good.  I wasn’t nauseous and I wasn’t really hungry.  I was eating because previous experience had taught me that food is necessary after putting your body through something big even if you’re not craving it.

I was soon moved from the recovery bed to a chair.  The tubes from my arm were removed and I was bandaged up.  My paper robe was removed and my recovery nurse assisted me to put my post-surgery compression bra on.  I had originally planned to wear track pants and thongs for the ride home but when the time came for me to get dressed, I felt well enough to get back into my workout leggings, a button-up denim shirt (to avoid pulling things over my head) and could even lean forward to lace up my vans.

I was assisted by my recovery nurse out to the waiting room where my sister was sitting.  The walk out was not without comments from my anesthetist asking whether I had been drinking in recovery.  My ability to walk in a straight line was a bit of a struggle to say the least.

I had one last consultation to go through the many, many types of medication I would be taking over the next few days.  I was shown that I would need to take anti-nausea medication due to the large and varied amount of drugs.  As I had just been given a number of drugs already in recovery, I requested to have an anti-nausea tablet prior to leaving the hospital.  Before I knew it, I was sitting in the room, head in a plastic bag just waiting to see my juice and crackers again.  Thankfully, it was just a wave of nausea and it passed within a couple of minutes.

Soon my sister and I were on our three hour journey home filling up on potato chips, chicken nuggets and hot apple pies.  We made it home without a glitch.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day in surgery.  The staff were amazing and I cannot recommend them or Esteem Cosmetic Surgery enough.

At-home recovery posts and survival guides to come.

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