HOME LIFE: bella’s bedroom

Alright, I’m calling it – Bella’s room is complete and I can move onto the next.

I’ve kept her room simple and relatively minimalist (well, as minimalist as you can for a 2 year old who loves everything).  There are toys and activities to keep her occupied and happy but as my home is two levels with just the bedrooms and bathroom/laundry upstairs, we don’t spend that much time up there.

I’m a big believer in keeping the bedroom as a sanctuary and a calming place to be so while there is colour, I’ve tried to keep it as neutral as possible.

And yes – I love Kmart.

Chair: Provincial Home Living.

Rocking Horse: Kmart.

Cot: IKEA.

Rug: Kmart.

Sleeping Bag: Ergobaby.

Wall Decals: Adairs.

Table and Chairs: Kmart.

Pencil Holder: empty Ecoya candle jar.

Pencils: IKEA.

Display Shelves: These were a bit of a DIY project of mine stolen from Pinterest. They’re spice shelves from IKEA painted white.  Just big enough to put little trinkets and colouring-in supplies. You’ll notice on this shelf we’ve got a bit of mish-mash of trinkets. Dan is quite religious hence the rosary beads and image of an angel – again to protect our little angel while she sleeps. The rose quartz crystal is my addition. Rose quartz promotes love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

Rosary beads and religious image: The Vatican (yes, in Italy – literally).

Dream Catcher: There is nothing sadder than a child who wakes up from a bad dream. Everywhere I looked, dream catchers were just too expensive. I got this one from Mocka and it was on sale that week.

Mobile: Kmart.

Light Box: Kmart.

Shelves: Bunnings.  I love these cube shelves.  I love how everything has its own section.

Baskets: Kmart.

Peonies and Vase: Provincial Home Living.

Humidifier: Taav from Chemist Warehouse.

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