JOURNEY: three weeks post surgery

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since the surgery.  This has been such a wild ride especially with a toddler in tow.  But now that I am starting to feel like my old self, I thought I’d share with you ten things I’ve learnt in the last three weeks.


  1. It hurts.  Rena from Esteem Cosmetic Studio warned me it would but I didn’t believe it.  My recovery from my c-section went so well that I felt like my normal self within 24 to 48 hours.  I had assumed that this surgery would have been the same but I was so so wrong.  All I can say is thank god for pain medication and muscle relaxants.  The pain was the worst in the first week but had started to calm itself by the sixth or seventh day.  Having now made it to the third week I can tell you the pain has all but gone – it still comes if I’ve turned onto my side in my sleep or if I overdo physical activity (such as carrying Bella or doing too much house work).
  2. The medication makes me as high as a kite.  I had originally planned on doing weekly summaries for each week of recovery but to be honest with you, I can’t remember most of week one.  I didn’t mind this new level of spaced out Jess, but I do hate taking medicine.  I made sure I finished the antibiotics (because, duh!) but I never finished the endone, oxycodene and muscle relaxants.  I had my surgery on a Friday and by the following Thursday, I decided to move onto Panadol and Nurofen.  I did hold onto the oxycodene and endone, but I didn’t need to take them again.  I did, however, need the muscle relaxants one more time though – after being a little careless and indulging in too much house work – and yes, hello high Jess again.
  3. Bella is amazing.  Okay, I already knew this, but having to recovery from surgery proved it even more.  As she is a toddler, she understood when explained ‘mummy’s boobies are sore’.  Don’t get me wrong, there were some days where she could not care less about the pain but she’d been pretty good on the whole.  She even let me have a nap one afternoon on the couch while she watched a movie and played next to me.  As the weeks have passed, I have been able to hold her more but the way that I do is still different – no more carrying her on one hip.  I have to carry her in front of me, two arms under her bum and her arms around my neck to lighten the load on my arms which pull on my pecs.
  4. You use your pecs for ev-er-y-thing.  Again comparing it to my c-section, I thought my abs were necessary for everything I did but definitely not compared to your pecs.  I spoke about taking a muscle relaxant after I tried to come off the medication and this was after wiping down the kitchen bench one night.  Needless to say, lesson learned.  My glass shower screen still hasn’t been cleaned since before the surgery.  It crushes my soul to see it still cloudy but I know the repercussions of wiping actions and so I’ll wait just a little longer.
  5. I LOVE my showers.  I was banned from having a shower for the first 10 days following surgery.  At first, I was fine with it and thought of it as a time saver.  I wasn’t planning on leaving the house so it didn’t bother me to have dirty hair and to not be as fresh as I’m used to but by the 6th day, I started to feel really out of sorts with myself and I missed the feeling of water hitting my skin.
  6. Bandages are beautiful things when it comes to hiding the bloody mess underneath.  As I had had a Benelli lift, circles had to be cut out of the bandages over my nipples so that I could ensure that my nipples didn’t ‘die’ as I healed.  During my first shower, these bandage holes filled with water and brought out old blood from the bandages.  It wasn’t the nicest sight to see.
  7. Getting stitches out from around your nipples is not fun.  Your first post-surgery consultation is with a doctor other than your surgeon to make sure everything is healing up nicely and, if you’ve had a lift, to remove your stitches.  The stitches used to close up where your implants are inserted are dissolvable, but the stitches where your nipples are reattached, are old school and there are lots of them.  Getting them removed was not a fun experience.  I wouldn’t say it was painful but having someone is hovering around your nipples and pulling the many bits of stitching out, does put you on edge and there are many places you’d rather be.
  8. I love sleeping on my side.  I have never been one to sleep on my back but you have to when you have a breast augmentation.  There are nights when I know that to fall asleep instantly, all I need to do is roll onto my side but I can’t.  I may have tried in the second week but it did not end well and I battled with pain and had to roll back onto my back.  Even now, well into the third week, I still suffer from pain if I roll onto my side and stay there too long.  It is getting better but I’m still having to take it one day at a time.
  9. Post surgery bras are really not as supportive as you’d think.  Although I’ve felt well enough to start incorporating gentle walking back into my routine, I am aware of the bouncing my boobs do in this bra.  This week I get to start wearing wireless bras again and I’m looking forward to getting into some heavy duty sports bras that I own and which fit that description.
  10. I love my new boobs.  I can’t believe how happy I am with them.  They make getting dressed fun (even if I’m still in my post surgery bras).  My biggest concern going into the surgery was that I had picked a size too big.  I never wanted ‘big’ boobs just ones that make me feel amazing and are in proportion with my body.  The team at Esteem and in particular, Dr Chinsee, were incredibly accommodating with this concern and gave me the opportunity to double check the implant size and ensure that it would provide the most benefit for what I wanted to achieve from the surgery (i.e. filling out what I had left behind from pregnancy and breastfeeding).

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