DRESS FOR YOU: sneakers let you run faster

I wanted to try something different with my wardrobe last winter.  After culling my wardrobe vigorously, I realised something – I had owned a lot of crap.  A lot of ‘I might like it one day’ pieces, a lot of ‘this is good but only for this occasion’ pieces, a lot of stuff I had gotten sick of but thought I might like again and a lot of poor online purchases.

It got to the point where I was getting rid of so much I decided I had to sell it all.  There was serious money to be made!  Seeing the items pile up, I realised that something had to change.  I didn’t want to end up doing the same thing in a couple of months.  I contemplated giving up online shopping and only buying in store what I had tried on.  I laughed at my own suggestion – that was NEVER going to happen.

So I made myself a promise – if I’m going to shop online, I’m going to be brutal.  If I bought anything that I was the least bit unsure about, it was going back.  No discussions, no sitting on it, not sure? Pack it up and ship it back.  (I just returned $800 worth of clothes and shoes back to The Iconic – oops!)

I have a love/hate relationship with this promise – there are a lot of trips to the post office but my wardrobe is so much easier to manage now.  Sure, there are days where a pair of pants I normally love won’t be going anywhere near my body.


Every now and then I let myself do some ‘living’ in my clothes and what I own.  When I start to feel like I’m wearing the same outfits on repeat and everything feels old and tired, I allow myself the opportunity to shop and feel free with it.  Giving myself the opportunity to live in what I own gives me time to work out what holes in my wardrobe need filling, meaning I make better choices.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days when nothing in the world is more relaxing than spending some time buying things ‘just ’cause’ but I do try to focus on what I ‘need’ more than ‘want’.

It also means I am a little more creative with what I wear.  Put on a hat and sneakers and I’m ready to get shit done or run around after Bella.  Take the hat and sneakers away, whack on a pair of heels and I’m ready for my 9 to 5.

hat – 47

tee – Bonds

jacket – vintage Country Road

skirt – Vero Moda

sneakers – Superga

rings – vintage


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