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Happy New Year!  Can you believe it’s 2018?  I’m having the hardest time wrapping my head around it.

What are your resolutions for the year?  What did you learn from last year?

2017 posed so many highs but also incredible lows for me and I’m happy to have made it out alive.  I will share all my goals for 2018 in a later post but for now, I will just focus on one – to stay consistent with healthy habits (original, huh?).  The healthy habit I was particularly terrible with in 2017 was getting a decent night’s sleep.

Constantly going to bed with a million thoughts on my mind means I either have a hard time actually falling to sleep or I wake up at all hours with to-do lists or new ideas.  So in order to ensure this doesn’t happen, I have blended this night time tea which packs a punch and puts me out within an hour of drinking it.  It’s become my saviour and an integral part of my nighttime routine.


It should also be noted that this tea isn’t for the faint-hearted.  I wouldn’t exactly call it delicious but that’s not why I drink it – it’s medicinal.  Here’s why it’s good –

Chamomile promotes sleep, reduces stress, boosts immunity and soothes the stomach.

Valerian root reduces anxiety, reduces blood pressure and causes drowsiness.

Rooibos is a cure for insomnia, high in antioxidants and also reduces headaches.

Lemon balm promotes sleep, reduces stress and anxiety and assists with reducing indigestion.

Lemongrass also assists with digestion, regulates high blood pressure, is full of antioxidants and even helps reduce menstrual cramps.

This recipe makes a huge batch.  I’m talking a good sized 2 litre jar.  If this is too much tea for you, feel free to half or quarter the quantities.

Ingredients (try to keep them organic):

250g dried chamomile flowers

250g valerian root

250g rooibos

150g lemon balm

150g lemongrass



1. Put all ingredients in a large bowl, mix and put into an airtight container


Put all ingredients into your airtight container and shake it like a crazy person.

2. As is this a herbal tea and doesn’t contain any green or white teas, it should be brewed in boiling water.  Brew 1 tablespoon of tea in a decent sized mug for 3 minutes or more – obviously the longer it brews, the stronger it will be.  This tea is potent.  I’m used to the flavour now but in the beginning I couldn’t have it without a teaspoon of raw honey.  As raw honey has it’s own multitude of health benefits, don’t feel guilty if you find you’re sneaking some of it in your cup too.

A few notes:

All herbal teas should be drunk with caution particularly if you have preexisting medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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