CONFESSIONS OF: a new year’s resolutions maker

We’re a week into 2018 already.  Do you ‘do’ resolutions?  Have you decided what yours are?

I’m sure I’m one of the last bloggers to talk about their resolutions given we’re 7 days into the year.

In the past I felt I needed time to plan and prep, everything had to be perfect for me to just attempt a goal.  But if there’s one thing that 2017 taught me, it’s that you can’t have control over everything, things won’t be perfect and you have to just get up and live life no matter what.

Here are my resolutions for the year –

First and foremost, to live healthily.  For me this is more than eating right and exercising, it’s also about sleeping well, meditating, earthing regularly, anything to help nurture my mind, body and soul.  What I’ll need to do to achieve this resolution will change day to day, but listening to your body should always take priority.


My second resolution is to thrive rather than just survive.  A lot of 2017 was becoming accustomed to my new life – being single after 8 and a half years and becoming someone I never thought I’d be – a single mum.  In the beginning, it’s all about survival, you hold you breath hoping that it’s only a dream.  Soon you make the transition from denial and you start to accept your fate.  Then you have to face the music and realise that whilst you have accepted (maybe even become excited) about your new life, you have to tie up loose ends from your old life.  Finances, mortgages, the fine print of your past relationship is long and tedious but essential.  Ten months on and I am still sorting these things out but the end is on the horizon and I’m looking forward to the freedom finalising these last little bits will provide me.  A large weight to be removed from my shoulders.  I want to make sure this year that it will be less about cleaning up mess and more about living and enjoying life.

Thirdly, to speak my mind more.  Those who know me might say I do this enough but I want to make a real attempt to voice what my thoughts and emotions are rather than bottle them up to please others.

Lastly, to live in a tidier, more minimalist home.  I go on cleaning sprees when I feel claustrophobic or frustrated but I recently got told I obviously don’t get frustrated enough – oops!  Whilst the lack of frustration in my life is something I am proud of, I do want to try harder to keep my house in a more orderly fashion.  I’ve also set myself a goal to clear 5 things from my room each week to declutter the space.  I hope to be left only with essentials and/or things which bring me happiness.

So now that you know mine, what are yours?

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