SHOP WITH ME: Woolworths haul

I can hear it – the sigh of disappointment as you’ve seen what I’ve delivered as my first shopping haul.  But if you’ll stick with me, you’ll see that I’ve picked the easiest, most common, most readily available place to start being finding healthy and useful goodies.

I treat Woolworths as a place to fill my pantry.  It’s to buy simple staple items and also more some healthy treats that are too expensive from boutique health stores.

So, let’s go from left to right on my favourite mainstream products.

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Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover. This is my favourite cleaning product. With an avid painter in the house who also loves to eat anywhere but her high chair and the dining room table as well as a housemate in the form of a 10 week old rabbit, this is an absolute must. It’s super easy to use, you just squeeze the bottle to get the cleaning solution up to the sponge, scrub on the spot and dab to remove excess solution. Done.

Earth Choice Kitchen Cleaner. A plant based cleaner that’s good for the earth and less toxic for you. The thought of using harsh chemicals in the kitchen kills my soul. Whilst this is still not as good as homemade kitchen spray (which I was never organised enough to keep up with production), I’m more at ease with using this product.

Earth Choice Dish Tablets. I go between purchasing these and the Finish tablets. These are actually surprisingly good (I’d even say they’re as good as the Finish ones) and are more cost effective when neither are on special.

Macro Organic Salted Butter. A lot of you are probably surprised to see something animal based in my selection but this butter is delicious. Plus I’m not convinced that vegan butter substitutes that actually taste like the real thing are any better for you with their varied and often questionable ingredients. I seldom use this to cook with but I will happily slather on thick slices of bread and devour slices at a time.

Avocados. I more often than not buy my avos from Woolies. They’re rarely sold from the Farmer’s Market plus these always taste good.

L’Or Coffee Capsules. I have been into these the past couple of weeks purely for convenience. The only Nespresso store where I live is in the same mall as Zara and Mecca Cosmetica. So whilst I love the real thing, if I don’t have a greater need to venture into that shopping complex, it’s better for my wallet to stay away. This coffee tastes good anyway.

Edgell Chickpeas. I definitely get the 3pm munchies so I try to keep away from a sneaky afternoon coffee and have hummus and veggies or crackers instead. Hummus is so easy to make so I tend to make it from scratch. I buy Edgell branded canned veggies because I know that the can lining is BPA free.

Ceres Organics Roasted Seaweed. I LOVE a salty snack and these really hit the spot. I wouldn’t say they’re overly good for you because of the salt but the seaweed definitely has a lot of health benefits so I’ll just focus on that. The major problem I have with these is that I tend to eat the whole pack in one go.

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Original Veganaise. This is another vegan product (like butter substitutes) where I’m not sure the vegan substitute is much healthier than the real thing but it tastes delicious. You can buy an aioli version but I’ll just grate some garlic into the mayo and mix if I want to change it up a bit.

Nakula Coconut Yoghurt. This stuff is good. I use it to make Bircher or just have on its own with muesli and/or fruit. Or, at the moment, a favourite snack in our house is to have the yoghurt with ‘sprinkles’ (hemp seeds) – sooo good. It isn’t like natural cows yoghurt though in that you can sub it in for things like sour cream. Still, it’s a massive staple in our house.

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Rockmelon. I chucked this one in here as I love the fresh fruit and vegetable specials Woolies have. I got this whole melon for $2.50!! Winning!

Ayam Coconut Cream. I am forever making things like Thai curries or laksas because they are so quick and easy so there are always cans and cans of coconut cream in my pantry. I only buy this one because it is pure coconut (ie no thickeners or water added) and the can lining is BPA free. Whatever is unused gets poured into an ice cube tray and frozen to be chucked into smoothies or nice cream.

Macro Organic Tofu. Bella loves tofu. In fact, most of the time she’ll eat it straight before I’ve managed to chuck it into whatever dish I’m making. I chuck this into curries and laksa as the meat substitute or I’ll grill it dry on a griddle pan and use in rice paper rolls. I have tried it chopped up in a food processor too as ‘mince’ for a lasagne- delicious! I love this one because it is Organic and Australian made.

Fantastic Goodies Rice Crackers. The lovely old rice cracker is lacking in nutrients so I get these which taste just as good. Bella loves them too so whilst she won’t go near hummus (heartbroken) she will smash these with plain smashed avo for afternoon tea.

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Bee Vital Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  I mix huge batches of green tea with honey and apple cider vinegar and drink a glass or two in the morning.  It’s a great detox drink and the honey makes it bearable.  I’m not saying this is the be-all and end-all of all apple ciders so feel free to get whatever brand you want – just make sure it’s still has the mother – that’s where all the goodness is!

Woolworths Original Brown Rice Crackers.  Better than the regular white rice ones and just in my pantry to change up the crackers.  Can never have enough crackers.

Vitasoy Original Soy Milk.  I have soy milk in my coffees and this brand is GM free and uses whole soybeans (as opposed to yucky things like soybean flour).  They do have an unsweetened variety which is delicious but my local Woolworths doesn’t stock this one for some stupid reason.

Raw C Coconut Water.  This stuff tastes good.  I keep a bottle in the fridge as a treat for Bella and I on a hot day or I use it in things like chia puddings.  There are a couple of other brands that are delicious too – but I recently learnt that not all do (note: steer clear from the Woolworths-branded one – you truly do get what you pay for).

Barilla pasta.  Another pantry essential.  I know the week will be okay if there is pasta in the pantry.  Super quick, super simple.  I change up pasta brands and between gluten and gluten-free.

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Pure Harvest Oat Milk.  When Bella is home, she never drinks cow’s milk.  We’ll alternate between rice, oat and soy.  It keeps her happy and keeps me happy knowing we’re limiting her exposure to cow puss.  There are warnings about giving children under 5 alternate milks as opposed to cow’s but I don’t buy into this.  As long as their diet is healthy and varied, you’re sweet.  Fun Fact: countries with the highest consumption of cow’s milk and other dairy products also have the highest rates of osteoporosis – so much for the cow’s milk means healthy bones connection, huh?

Woolworths Hot Cross Buns.  Yes, they’re meant for Easter.  Yes, it’s only January.  Yes, they’re not healthy.  But damn, they taste good.  The end.

Table of Plenty Dark Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes.  I keep these on hand for desperate times.  They’re delicious and satisfy a sugar hit.  There’s no way I’d say these are healthy, but whatever.  In the colder months, I’ll keep a pack in the car for times when the toddler is a bit sick of driving.

Macro Organic Medium Grain White Rice.  Rice is a necessity in our house, I know Bella will eat it even if she decides not to touch anything else.  We do also love homemade sushi and this sized grain is similar to sushi rice (not that it really matters).

Abundant Earth Reduced Salt Tamari.  Another pantry essential.  I get this one from Woolworths because it tastes good, it’s organic, gluten-free and it’s cheaper than those I’ve found in health stores.

So there you go.  I hope that for those interested, this post was helpful.  Let me know if there’s anything you want me to go into further, if it’s completely different to what you were seeking or even if I’m on the right track and you loved it.


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