It’s been a few months since I went out drinking in the city.  The reason for my absence?  Let’s just say I’ve never had a dull night out.  Saturday night followed the trend.

I’ve done a similar post to this a while back which I later removed out of respect for people I know and care about. However, that post received such a good response, I thought I’d do something of a similar, slightly more PG-rated, nature.

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So, are a few life lessons reiterated by Saturday’s events:

  1. When you meet new people and you’re mid-conversation, don’t cut them off to go and ‘be seen’.  It’s rude;
  2. Don’t then at the end of the night, see me outside with my phone out (ordering an Uber) and ask if my phone is in my hand because I wanted to take a photo with you.  The only person who loves you that much is you;
  3. When you find out I’m a mother, don’t proceed to say ‘aren’t kids just great? They’re so stupid’.  You sir, will never come near my child;
  4. If you are asked what you do for a living, don’t try to impress me and tell me you’re a lawyer…if you’re not a lawyer.  Seriously!;
  5. Don’t also tell me what you do during the day versus night.  ‘I’m a lawyer by day and a fashion designer by night’.  Firstly, printing t-shirts for personal use does not a designer make.  And secondly, unless you’re Batman, I don’t need to know what you get up to after hours.
  6. Lastly and most importantly, just because a girl is single and out, does not mean it’s a free-for-all. I’m enjoying the fact I’m dressed up and out with the adults. Please, just let me chill.

Have you got any life lessons you feel the need to share?

Outfit details:

Top: Lioness

Jeans: Atmosandhere

Shoes: Boohoo

Bag: From a store somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City

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