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When I wanted to update my room, I knew I wanted a few things – 1) I wanted my room to promote relaxation, 2) I wanted good quality bamboo sheets, 3) I wanted a big piece of artwork that I wouldn’t grow tired of and 4) I wanted my bed on the floor.

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I can’t sleep well in a room full of clutter, I begin to feel restless and claustrophobic .  I hate technology in a place of rest because they serve as a distraction.  This time last year my room was sitting on a wooden bed frame which collected dust and tissues and other lost possessions in the space underneath.  I had bedside tables with their bottom shelves full of books and each with a drawer stuffed with things that lacked any real importance.  I owned lamps that I had grown tired of.  Various decorative vases adorned the small space next to the lamps, there were laptops wedged below the bed, there were wires – everywhere and an alarm clock that prevented the room from being dark.

The room felt cluttered and difficult.  So when the decision was made that I would keep the house and I started making moves to live a more simple life, I knew things needed to change.

I got rid of the bed frame, vacuumed the crap out of the carpet and planted my mattress on the ground.  I took the numerous novels and laptops out of the room.  I unplugged the damn alarm clock bright enough to light up a baseball stadium.  I sold the bedside tables and lamps which now looked ridiculous next to a bed so low.

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I knew I needed something on the wall but art can be so expensive and I needed to find something I wouldn’t tire of.  I waited until I found a piece I loved.  This one is a piece by Hannah Lemholt.  I absolutely love her work.

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I toyed with ideas of having piles of coffee table books to serve as bedside tables but they just made the room look untidy and cluttered.  I tried having a single lamp on a stool just so I could continue to read at night but it didn’t seem to fit.  So I found this floor lamp at Beacon Lighting and knew it was perfect.  I’ve put a few books underneath just to give it that little bit of extra height.

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Indoor plants promote better rest and improve air quality plus – they’re so pretty.  Both the plant and pot are from Bunnings.  This pot is an outdoor pot and they didn’t sell a dish to go underneath so I just whacked it on a dinner plate and it seems to be doing the job.  Nothing like a bit of improvisation although I’m not sure Royal Doulton would approve.

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As part of simplifying my life, I invested in sets of the exact same white bamboo sheets.  No time spent sorting through sheets, making sure they all match each other and the quilt cover.  I have a fear of my rooms looking smaller than they are so I steer clear of dark colours and patterns – I will never have time for patterned quilts.

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I included the rug to break up the carpet a bit.  I wanted something to fill a space that couldn’t have much in it.  I got this one from Zanui, from memory it was on sale AND had free shipping so it was a no-brainer, really.  I love that it doesn’t force colour into my room.  I prefer to do that through greenery and/or cushions – things that are less costly to switch up.

Art – Bohemia Girl by Hannah Lemholt available from Norsu Interiors

Floor lamp – Beacon Lighting

Featured books – Goop Clean Beauty by Gwyneth Paltrow, Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights by Sophie Dahl, The Body Book by Cameron Diaz and Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

Bed sheets – Home Republic Bamboo Sheets available from Adairs

Waffle pillow cases – Cotton On Home

Quilt cover and matching pillow cases – Sheridan

Pot and plant – Bunnings

Rug – Zanui


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