DRESS FOR YOU: hello cold weather

I want to try something a little different with my blog.  I didn’t create this blog to be endless posts providing free advertising for a multitude of companies.  I created it as a place to document things that add value to my life in a bid to add value to yours.

So rather than make it about the brands, let’s make it about the content.

If I feel the value of something relies on the company that makes it (for example the products I place in my SHOP WITH ME posts), I will of course share that information.  Good work must always be acknowledged.  I will not, however, tag every brand and company for the sake of it.  Let’s use the lives of others to inspire our own and not to replicate.

Everything in this outfit is last season.  I’m still working out the gaps in my wardrobe for this season – what I need, what I can get away without buying and how I can mix it up with what I have.  Do you ever get that way?  You’ve always worn the same top and same bottoms in the same way because you know it works.  You feel like you’re growing tired of those pieces but really you’re tired of that outfit.

This outfit is made up of those pieces – those I was tired of.  Well…except for the boots.  Think I might actually love them.

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