DRESS FOR YOU: the power of the bodysuit

Wanna know what I love about this outfit?  The bodysuit means I don’t won’t get a cold back because there’s no way it can untuck!

My teen years were filled with the lowest of low-waisted jeans and midriff tops.  I had countless arguments with my parents about ‘not being warm enough’ to leave the house so  I’d grab a coat, leave the house and as soon as I was out of their line of sight, the coat would come off.  Fast forward to now and I hate the feeling of the cold on the small of my back – enter this bodysuit.

I bought it for a date night but it’s so flattering (and comfy) that I’ve been living in it ever since.  I love things that I can put on and not have to fuss over.

…And because I promised to recognise good work – bodysuit – ASOS.

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