BEAUTIFUL YOU: fresh locks

16 August 2017. That’s the date of my last cut and colour.

There is no reason for my boycott from the hairdressers other than the fact that I hate using up my spare time in appointments. Nevertheless, after more than a year, with ends a little (lot) more split than I liked, I called up to book myself in. There’s only one place I wanted to go and only one person I trusted with my balayage – Senior Hair Colourist at Cooleman Hair Centre, Meretta. She knows hair and she knows colour.
I called on a Monday after finding a strand of hair with a split end that spanned a good couple of inches but my moment of spontaneity was curbed when I realised I’m not the only one who loves her work.  With Meretta was too busy to do both my cut and colour in one sitting, I had to span my appointments over two weeks – but you know what? That was totally fine with me. I get fidgety sitting still for too long anyway.
So I spent a bit of time being reminded what healthy ends felt like one Saturday morning and came back the following week for my colour.   To say I love the result is an understatement. The girl knows what she is doing and I let her take the reigns.  Can’t wait to see you next time Meretta! I may not even wait as long in between appointments.


NOTE: This was a collaboration.  Having gone to this salon for years (since 2013), I reached out and asked if they were interested in a collaboration.  I only ever blog about companies/businesses I believe in and have personally tested.

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