HOME LIFE: the urban composter

I am becoming increasingly aware of the waste I produce both inside and out of my home.  Everything seems to come wrapped up in layers and layers of plastic only to be collected in more plastic and taken to landfill.

I’ve been working to reduce what waste I contribute and have been reevaluating aspects of my life.  My biggest concern was throwing out food scraps that could be composted.  The idea of composting is obviously not new however, it is difficult in modern living conditions where an increasing number of homes don’t have a lot of outdoor space or garden.

I started to search for something that would provide a solution for my organic waste whilst being minimal fuss and take up almost no room in my home.  The Google gods graced me with the link to Urban Composter Australia and I immediately fell in love with their concept – an Australian made composting container that had required almost zero effort, made zero mess and emitted zero smell.

Intrigued, I reached out to the company to try it.  So here we are, almost two months later.  Those who follow my Instagram, would know this post was coming.  I could have done it sooner but I really wanted to road test this product, just like I do with anything else that features on my blog.  So here we go –

What is the Urban Composter?

The Urban Composter is a composting unit, designed and made in Australia.  It’s a small unit that uses a Compost Accelerator spray to help break down organic waste for use in the garden.

The pros:

It’s size.  I love that it fits under my sink.  I don’t have a lot of space in my home, let alone my kitchen, to house anything too big or anything that comes with too many bits and pieces.

It’s ease.  Bearing in mind, 90% of my scraps is leftover pulp from my juicer, I literally chuck my scraps in there as they are.  They recommend chopping up things if they’re too large to assist in the fermentation as well as the transition to the garden.  You then spray with the Compost Accelerator spray, close the lid and let it do its magic.

Pretty much everything natural can go in there.  This includes, meat, fish (but no bones!) and dairy.  DISCLAIMER: Bella and I haven’t had any animal products besides egg shells available to add.

The garden is thriving.  The juice you drain off every few days is amazing for the plants!  Although I love growing my own produce, I am terrible at it! Everything seems to fail miserably but my plants are loving life at the moment.  Just make sure you heavily dilute the juice – I was a bit excited one evening and added juice directly onto a coriander plant I had and it died from the strength of the liquid.

Maintenance is easy.  I’ve emptied out the full bin into a large container with potting mix for further breaking down and I will be adding it to new pots as I buy it.  I then hosed down the bin and started afresh.  No fuss.

The quality.  I was worried about the smell the bin might emanate but the lid seals particularly well and I haven’t caught a whiff of anything.

Reduce landfill waste.  This is my favourite pro.  Not only are you getting everything you can out of your produce, but there’s less going in regular trash, which means less garbage bags filling up which obviously means less for landfill but it also means less plastic being used as garbage bags.

The cons:

The size.  Whilst Bella and I do not have an issue with the large unit we bought (it’s 15 litres), I can imagine that the size would not be suitable for larger families and you’d have to buy two.  Besides the cost of running two units, I can see the benefits in doing so – you’d be able to let one ferment uninterrupted while filling the second unit.

It is made out of plastic.  I’m sure they have their reasons, but I would have loved if this had been ceramic as opposed to plastic.

If I had my time again, would I buy the Urban Composter?

Without a doubt.  I really truly get a kick out of filling this bucket, knowing I am doing good and that my garden will benefit.  I also love getting Bella involved in something so simple and answering the questions that she has about it.

The Urban Composter can be purchased here

NOTE: As I said, I reached out to the company before purchasing.  I did receive a discount to purchase the product and review it but there were no conditions stating that I had to include it in my blog if I didn’t find value in it.  Therefore, this post is purely because I believe in the product.

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