HOW TO: be happy

Happiness is something I’ve thought about a lot lately.  After a tough couple of months (read about it here), I can honestly say that I am – with every fibre of my being – happy.  A blissful, light, singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs, sun on my skin, kind of happy.

There’s a lot contributing to my happiness – factors in my life that have changed – but there’s a lot I’ve had to change/remember and re-introduce in my life too and I thought I would share.  So without waffling on too much, here are a few of the things I’ve learnt to get where I am right now:


  1. Listen to your intuition.  I once heard that humans are the only species in the world who ignore their intuition.  The statement was made in regards to personal safety (think walking alone in the middle of the night and having that feeling of being watched.  An animal would run until they felt safe again, a human will tell themselves to stay calm, that the feeling is irrational and continue to walk at the same pace).  But the statement rings true in regards to personal thoughts and emotions also.  It took me a good month to listen to my intuition and to make moves to change my life but man does it feel good now.
  2. Do what’s right for you.  Today is the first day in as long as I can remember that Bella and I have lounged around the house without any plans on doing anything else.  My hair is dirty, the kitchen is a mess, there are toys all around the lounge room, but I’m okay.  I can deal with it.  We needed this day, our lives (yes, even Bella’s) are incredibly busy.  Almost every minute of it is allocated to something, some sort of activity, some aspect of routine, and we are both extremely run down.  So today I was on a mission to relax in bed for as long as our empty tummies would allow us, to finally wander downstairs, cook pancakes, drink tea and watch Christmas movies.  We’ve played, we drew, we did anything and everything we wanted in the confines of our home.  If we finally run out of food, there’s always uber eats.  It’s been good for the soul and I don’t feel guilty about a day wasted at all.
  3. Believe in second chances.  I’ve recently been given a second chance in exchange for granting one.  We all make mistakes, we all become blinded by the noise at times, but we are all capable of forgiveness.  It’s not that we feel that we can’t live without the other.  But rather that we don’t want to live with each other which to me, feels more romantic.  Starting afresh with someone who knows everything about you can be just as – or even more – exciting as meeting someone new.
  4. Don’t forget what you want out of life.  It’s easy to fall into a routine that gets you through day-to-day but if that’s not what you want – fight against it.  In the new year I’ll be enrolling in and beginning study for something I am incredibly passionate about and something completely removed from my work or my university degrees.  To do so will cost a reasonable amount of money and time, and I do find myself wondering whether it is “worth it” but what is life if you just float by?  The only one holding you back is you.
  5. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good (and remove/take time away from those who don’t).  Not everyone will be happy that you’re happy.  In fact, a lot of people will hate it.  They’ll put forward their own excuses as to why they can’t be happy for you but those people aren’t worth your time.  They’re really saying that their happiness outweighs yours and refuse to acknowledge people can be happy simultaneously.  Step away from them for a bit, if they come back into your life at a later stage, great.  If not, is it really a loss?

Whatever way you reach your happiness, don’t ever be ashamed of it.  Don’t ever feel you can’t celebrate it.  Happiness in a world as wild as this is an achievement.  Acknowledge that you’re one of the lucky ones.

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