CONFESSIONS: of a 2018 survivor

It’s that time of year again where everyone is counting down for the new one to start.  While I try not to wish my life away, I do love a new year.  It’s time for self-reflection, learning from the past and moving forward for the future.

The year that was –

You can read my full post with my 2018 resolutions here.  

1.       To live healthily.  I feel proud to say that I definitely achieved this resolution.  It’s amazing what happens to your health when you start to listen to your body.  Things become a little easier and the stress about trying to maintain your health goes away.  If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

2.       To thrive rather than just survive.  This year baby daddy and I finalised our Consent Orders (directions sealed by the Family Law Court of Australia finalising our separation, the division of our assets and parenting plan for Bella), I now own the house we bought in 2013, I have received 3 promotions over the past 12 months (driven by the need to give Bella a life she deserves), I’m loved and love in return and now I’m working out my next moves to achieve more now that my life has a steady rhythm.  I am proud to say that I am thriving after years of barely surviving and I am happy and excited.  If I wanted to analyse my life over the past year more closely and acknowledge the downfalls (and oh my god, there were some downfalls), I would probably not be as confident that I have achieved this resolution but you know what – f**k the bad and let’s focus on the good – of which there was plenty.

3.       To speak my mind more.  I can say that I’ve achieved this.  It’s still a work in progress but I am getting better at it – even if speaking my mind occurs after the fact.  I’ve learnt that speaking my mind is better than keeping something to myself and having the problem exacerbate without possibility of a resolution.

4.       To live in a tidier, more minimalist home.  This one is a tricky one because I am very aware of the fact that we are about to get a huge influx of toys at my house with Christmas on the horizon.  However, over the course of the year, I have been selling, trashing and donating items from my home as I feel the need to.  I am happy with how it’s going and my home is definitely more ‘minimalist’ than it ever was.  In the new year, I will continue to pull it back even more especially as I continue to reenergise and update my home to fit with Bella’s and my lifestyle.  I’m excited for the projects to take place.

The year to come –

This year I don’t want to call them ‘resolutions’. The term is too focused on fixing a problem and I don’t view anything in my life as a problem. So instead, let’s call redefine them as ‘goals’ for 2019 and here they are –

  1. To continue to live healthily.  I want to continue to learn and put my health first.  I want to pass this knowledge onto Bella and teach her about health and nutrition from an early age.  To me, health is the key to everything in life.
  2. To thrive financially. I’ve done posts about being fiscally responsible in the past. This year I want to grow my savings so that I can not only be more financially secure but also so I can travel, invest and grow my business.
  3. To thrive personally. My major steps this year is to grow my business. I have so much in the pipeline for 2019 and while it’s tempting to bring them all into action at once, I’m conscious of spreading myself too thin and this affecting long-term goals I have for Bella and I. But! Watch this space. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  4. To take the time to enjoy the ride. It is incredibly easy to focus on making it through your daily routine and forget to enjoy the smaller moments in life. This year I want it to be as much about those moments as it is about the bigger achievements.

Share your goals for next year below too. Here’s to 2019.

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