JOURNEY: the beauty chef cleanse

I recently asked you guys if you’d be interested in reading about my journey with The Beauty Chef cleanse. With an outstanding response to ‘yes’, I can only assume y’all love to see me suffer.

Nevertheless, as promised, this post is the first of the series with this two week cleanse.

What is The Beauty Chef cleanse? It’s a 14 day Program where you eliminate inflammatory foods and incorporate The Beauty Chef Cleanse powder into your diet. Once you sign up to her cleanse, you are emailed a link to a pdf download which provides instructions on how to complete the cleanse. Rather than listing them here, I will provide some insight throughout my journal entries.

Why am I doing it? I’m not a big ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ person. There are definitely times where I’m more strict on what I eat, times where I cut back or eliminate things but it’s never a set detox.

So why have I suddenly changed my tune? Although I generally feel healthy, there are a few things that have been bothering me – difficulty waking up in the morning, skin breakouts if I eat the slightest bit of junk food, oily hair and dark circles under the eyes. Women’s Wellness Wisdom, a book by Dr Libby Weaver has helped map out what my body needs support with internally to stop what is happening externally. It turns out that a lot of my symptoms are the result of my liver needing additional support. The fact that the Cleanse powder aims to support the liver was the biggest selling point for me. You can also continue to take a half dose of the powder, everyday after the cleanse to continue supporting the body.

So without further ado, the two weeks starts now.

NOTE: This series of blog posts are not in anyway affiliated with The Beauty Chef or Dr Libby Weaver’s work. I am purely documenting my journey through this cleanse. They are not in any way aimed to assist in the sale of any products mentioned in my posts.

Image taken from The Beauty Chef website.

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