LIFE LESSONS 103: reasons to avoid plastic

We have all heard it a million times before – cut back on plastic. And really, when you do pay attention to the world, it’s amazing to see how much we really do rely on the stuff. It’s not surprising of course, it is undoubtedly useful and if plastic production was ever to stop, we’d have a bit of a task thinking of substitutions.

Even as I sit here at my dining table, I look around and I can see copious amounts of plastic produced things – and I am someone who really tries to reduce her use. I see Bella’s paddling pool, her outdoor play table and the toys that came with it. I see the fertiliser for my garden all kept in plastic. I see my laptop with it’s plastic coated power cord, the keys I’m typing on and the inside is no doubt full of the stuff as well. I am sitting on a plastic chair, and have two plastic washing baskets to my left (I really need to put those away) and to my right are some more of Bella’s toys – her play kitchen, it’s play food and her Play-Doh tubs. I’m fearful of venturing any further in my home.

We’ve all heard about the affects on the environment – toxins leeching into our oceans, our waterways and our soils. We know that these are affecting our animals and our global population. In fact, out of 8.3 billion metric tonnes produced in 2018, 6.3 billion metric tonnes became plastic waste. (Read more about it here.)

So why should we reduce our reliance on plastic? What is in it for you?

First, the toxins can give you cancer. That ain’t cute.

Second, the toxins can make you age from the inside out and the outside in. Soon it won’t matter how many blueberries you’re chomping on, how much green tea you’re sipping or how much sunscreen you’re applying.

Third, you’re going to get fat. The toxins can affect your metabolism and they’re going to get into your system from the salads you eat (from the toxic ground) and the water you drink. It’s going to make those hours in the gym pointless.

Fourth, karma will get you. Okay this one might be a lie but I’m hoping it will for every time you use plastic unnecessarily. I don’t want you to be the reason I get sick, look old and get fat – I’d rather the cinnamon doughnuts my colleagues offer me, or the regular doses of fried chicken I eat be the reason that happens.

Lastly, do it to just be a good guy. You’re never going to regret not using extra plastic in your life.

Images from @natgeo

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  1. Love your blog so much!! Yes these images are too powerful, we gotta do better! Have you heard of the package free shop? I love going there to find waste-free alternatives and they have an online store too.

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