HOW TO: dress for an event

I love dressing up for special occasions and events. I love the entire process. From the search for the perfect outfit, the getting dolled up, to being out wearing something new. So I thought it would make a fun post to talk about the process I go through in determining what I wear for an event or a special occasion.

So here we go –

  1. What is the occasion? It is so important to dress appropriately for an event. Work out what the dress code is and what types of clothing fit both the dress code and the event. Are you feeling like a dress would be best? Or a cute matching skirt and top co-ord? What is it you feel the occasion calls for?
  2. What image do you want to portray? What I love about fashion is that you can tell people who you are, without saying a word. Do you want to be taken seriously in the business world? Are you wanting to be seen as fun and flirty?
  3. Pick based on your best assets. There are definitely no shortage of options out there, so let’s cull the list. Which part of your body do you want to draw attention to? Which part do you want to take attention away from? I have issues with my upper arms so you’ll rarely find me showing them off. Cut the list down based on type of clothing you’re after, on cut, on colour and on price. Don’t waste time on being distracted by anything other than what you’re after. Focus on what suits your needs. Something you can wear with confidence, no tugging, no pulling, no awkward stances, something you can own and that doesn’t own you.
  4. What is your partner wearing? I am so big on couple style it’s ridiculous. When my boyfriend and I go out, I won’t let us wear clashing patterns or colours, styles that don’t compliment each other but I also won’t let us wear anything too similar – his and hers anything is out too. I’m starting to wonder why he’s still with me…
  5. What does the outfit call for in terms of accessories? For me, there’s a fine line between wearing too much jewellery and not enough. I avoid anything to heavy for events that I know will run for a number of hours. It’s not cute to have to take your earrings off and put them in your clutch. Speaking of which, pick your clutch based on the type of event too? Will your hands be occupied with food and drink? Do you need a bag that has a shoulder strap? Are you going to be standing and are your shoes comfortable enough for that?
  6. Last but not least – does it all fit? I am notorious for ordering a few different sizes of an item and I make sure I try on both. No one looks good in clothes that are too small but also sometimes things that are a little big, look more amazing.

What process do you go through to get ready for an event?

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