JOURNAL: Hello my friend, hello.

The title of this blog lending a little insight into my secret love for Neil Diamond (blame my father).

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here so I thought I’d update you a little on what I’ve been up to this past month or so –

First, I’ve been in full single parent mode.  Bella’s father has been away and I have had Bella (barring a few sleep overs at my parents) 24/7 for the past 6 weeks.  Besides missing him terribly, she (we) really missed the co-parenting routine.  I’m truly in awe of how well accustomed she is to her little life.  Something for any parents reading this who are worried about the impact of co-parenting on their kids – they will survive and thrive.  Anyway, we survived!

I also achieved full hermit status with my last month being the busiest one for my studies.  After completing and submitting over 17 assessment items in the past month, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m holding out for a short break in three weeks.

Having said that, I did give myself time away to attend the Aje fashion show in Sydney.  It was such an honour to be there to see such beautiful creations.  The trip allowed me some quality time with my sissy too which is always good because we both lead very busy lives.

I must admit I’ve been loving my busier schedule lately.  My time has had to be strictly allocated.  Being on a tight schedule might sound like torture to some, but it makes me happy knowing that I’m being productive and not wasting my time.  It has also meant that my attention is devoted to what I’m doing and/or who I’m with (most importantly, Bella).

Here’s a few other things I am loving this month –

  1. Hello Fresh.  In my pursuit to save more time, I’ve started ordering Hello Fresh again and Bella and I have been loving receiving our box every week.  It saves my time because I’m not having to pick recipes, write grocery lists and of course, grocery shopping.  As Bella is (by choice) a vegetarian and I don’t feel the need to eat meat either, we order the vegetarian box.  The meals are so filling and full of veggies, beans, tofu and carbohydrates – they make me happy knowing that Bella is eating proper meals rather than a random concoction of side dishes.  The recipes are so easy, it gives her a chance to get involved with the cooking too.
  2. Telstra TV.  I recently changed internet providers to Telstra and I signed up for Telstra TV too which is a little box that hooks up to your TV and you can access everything from live TV, YouTube, catch up TV and Stan.  Our blu-ray player allowed for us to watch Netflix and YouTube but for everything else, we had to hook my laptop up to the TV.  Incredibly inconvenient whenever Bella wanted Stan and I wanted to do my study.  So we are loving the flexibility we have now.
  3. My boyfriend’s jumper.  He made the mistake of leaving behind one of the most cosy and warm jumpers and I’ve now commandeered it…forever.  I’d love to say I’ve been living in it because I’ve been spending such vast amounts of time at home but I have to admit that, despite the size of this sweater, I’ve been wearing it out and about too.  I figure if Ariana Grande can live in oversized jumpers, so can I.  It’s sadly in the wash now but it will be all ready to go come Saturday dinner at my parents.  It will be, as my sister has informed me, my fourth weekend rocking up in it.
  4. My new makeup routine.  I recently did a bit of a haul from Mecca Costmetica and I’m loving my new products.  I’ll definitely be sharing with you what these are in a later post so stay tuned!
  5. The gym.  Every year, as the colder months approach, I sign up to a gym so I can keep active even when it’s freezing outside.  This year, I was a little slow and only just got around to doing it.  Regretting my delay as I now have formed a comfortable boyfriend layer underneath my winter clothes.  I think I’ll blog about what I’m doing to get back to my usual size too so stay tuned for that too.

What I’m not loving –

  1. My boyfriend layer.  To be fair, it’s a mix of working from home two days a week as well as extra time sitting and studying, my delay in joining the gym when it’s been too cold to work out outside as well as a bit of wining and dining on date nights too!
  2. Bella’s sleeping habits the past week.  She has ALWAYS been a perfect sleeper but for the past week, she has been waking me up every night for hours at a time and I’ve had enough.  I’m thinking we’ll need to reorder our sleepy time drink ASAP.
  3. My skin.  I don’t know what it is but my skin has been so up and down this winter and I’m not into it.  We all know that good skin comes from the inside out, so I’ve been trying to readjust how much water I’ve been drinking, how much sugar I consume and also adding warm lemon water to my routine most mornings.  I’m seeing improvement but I’m still working hard on getting it to a place where I am happy.

Hope everyone else has had a wonderful May and half of a June!


(Nothing in this post was sponsored)

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