JOURNAL: is winter over yet?

I don’t know how but the year is absolutely flying by and yet winter seems to be taking an age to pass through.  I have well and truly been battling with the winter blues.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d do another monthly update on the blog for July/August because my May/June one got a pretty good reception.

It’s been another crazy month and a half despite me trying to avoid the cold at all costs and I have actually had to refer to my calendar to jog my memory of what I’ve actually been up to.  So here’s what I got up to –

First, uni, uni, uni.  I have to keep reminding myself that I opted to study again as I’m cursing myself for late nights.  I also had the opportunity to spend a week being a uni student again, focusing purely on attending class and not doing much else with my time.  It’s something I haven’t been able to do since my first year of my bachelor’s degree (I’ve always worked full time whilst studying) so the week felt a little indulgent.

Second, I am single again.  Sometimes life takes you in a direction you weren’t expecting and you need to let go of people and things to move with the current and see where you end up.


Third, from the demise of one relationship, to the celebration of another.  My sister officially asked me to be her Maid of Honor and we’ve gone wedding dress shopping twice now.  If you’re looking for a wedding dress and live in Canberra (or not), I definitely recommend Mrs Fray.  We spent a lovely Sunday morning there sipping sparkling (getting very tipsy) and watching Melanie play dress up with the beautiful gowns.

Lastly, Bella turned 4!  We had a full on weekend celebrating the beautiful girl and she was deservedly spoiled.  She went a good month and a half without new toys so she was very relieved to be receiving them again.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately –

  1. Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream.  In one of my beauty posts, I was obsessed with using the Kora Organics tinted moisturiser but it ran out and no where including the Kora Organics website has it in stock.  So assuming it’s been discontinued, I turned to ol’ faithful and repurchased this BB cream.  It works wonders and I absolutely love it.  The only reason I switched to Kora Organics before was because the ingredients are more natural than this BB cream but oh well!  I use shade no. 27.  I buy mine here.
  2. Manolo’s on Botany.  This little gem of a cafe is right near Bella’s ballet school.  It is such a cute little hangout and serve the best croissants I possibly have ever had.  Although I do believe they are from another Canberra bakery but it is in a far busier part of town with terrible parking so I happily indulge in parking right out the front and popping in for my fix.
  3. Mokosh Pure Face and Body Cream.  Now I’ve harped on about this in an earlier post so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I’ve found that this cream is absolutely amazing for two more things (other than just moisturising) – the first, for helping me with my keratosis pilaris on the backs of my arms and second, for slathering on my heels to make them lovely and soft.  So much better than the other foot creams I’ve found in the past full of gross ingredients like urea.  You can buy it here.
  4. Taav Vaporiser.  We bought this from Chemist Warehouse when Bella was a baby and it gets so much use every winter.  At every sign of a sniffle, I whip this out, fill it up with water and a few drops of tea tree oil and it helps her sleep and clears up any congestion.  I try to avoid medicine where I can for both of us, and with help from this vaporiser she hasn’t had to have a drop of medicine all winter (*touch wood* it stays this way!).
  5. This dress.  In a mad rush to buy a top for a dinner out (a top which I did not wear, mind you), I stumbled on this dress from DISSH.  I love that it can be paired with boots in the colder months but also sandals in the warmer months.


Here’s what I’m not loving –

  1. I said it in the beginning but I’ll say it again – I am HATING winter this year and I refuse to believe that we’ve had a warmer than average July.  I feel I’ve spent the past couple of months struggling to stay warm.  It’s made me so miserable that I just haven’t wanted to do anything.  I understand it’s just me being delicate but I cannot wait for the warmth.  The end.

Hope everyone else has had a wonderful month and a half and for those in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ve been keeping warm.


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