JOURNAL: september roundup

Wow.  October.  How the hell did that happen?  Another month down and another month closer to the end of the year.

I am so glad that we’re well and truly in the midst of Spring now and Summer is just around the corner.  Here are three things I’ve been focusing on the past month –

  1. Forgiveness.  I never have any trouble forgiving others but when it comes to myself, I am terrible at it.  This month I’ve been focusing on forgiving myself for anything I view as a personal shortfall – leaving the dishes in the sink of a night, leaving Bella’s toys out at the end of the day and just generally not getting around to everything on my To-Do list in favour of something more exciting (like an early night).  This new mentality has made my days a lot easier.
  2. Health.  If you keep up with my posts, you’ll remember that I’ve been cheering for the convenience of HelloFresh – I was even able to give a few of my Instagram followers, a free box.  However, I had begun to realise that was feeling disconnected from my food and what I was fueling our bodies with.  I’ve since stopped my subscription and have been focusing on eating simple wholefoods – something Bella has responded surprisingly well to and she’s eating better than she ever has.  I now find I’m asking myself less ‘will she eat this?’ and more ‘have we got enough cucumbers and carrots for snacks?’  It’s a great problem to have.
  3. Summer wardrobes.  I have a new tactic for this season – spend up big in the beginning so the focus can then shift to living life (and saving!).  This year’s Summer wardrobe has to be multifaceted – it’s more than lasting us the 5 or so months of warmth – the items I’m purchasing now have to last us Summer in Europe next year too.  Whilst that doesn’t pose a problem for someone who hasn’t grown since she was about 16, Bella is completely different.  We’ve been doing a lot of purchases of clothes a size or two bigger (but that don’t look it) hoping I can circumvent obligatory shopping when we arrive in Europe.  I’ll do a post on what we’re vibing this season soon.


As always, here are a few things I’m loving lately –

  1. Zara girls’ range.  The bohemian vibes in this season’s collection is right up my alley.  Bella’s had to reign me in from buying too much.
  2. Side salads.  I love that the warmer weather means that having a salad isn’t torture anymore.  Side salads are such an easy way to add something raw and boosting nutrition to your meals.
  3. Bluey.  This Australian cartoon has me giggling just as much as it does Bella.
  4. Kirstin Ash.  I recently purchased new charms for my necklace and I’m loving what I’ve selected.  Kirstin Ash has such a beautiful range and their pieces are so well made.


And here’s what I’m not loving lately –

  1. Kora Organics Purifying and Enriched Body moisturisers.  These moisturisers seem to tick all the right boxes but do not actually moisturise.  Adding to the frustration (besides the money I dropped on them) is that I had actually learnt this before but had forgotten.  Grr!

Top – Saboskirt

Slides – Billini

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