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Last time I posted about my home was an embarrassing 1 year and 8 months ago (you can view that here).  I’ve been tackling my house one room at a time which evidently, is an incredibly slow way of doing things.  But that’s ok – if we can still function in any given room, we’re happy.

My dining room has been my room focus (apparently for the past 1 year and 8 months) and really, it’s still not finished yet.  I would like new dining chairs (ones that are a little higher and more comfortable), a round rug, a new pot for my fiddle leaf and to purchase better quality artwork (I had too much faith in Officeworks’ printers for these) and the flooring will eventually be changed too – but in the warmer weather and with it being bathed in sunlight, I thought I would do a bit of an interiors update post.

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I have a million goals I am working toward all at once (because life is too short to focus on one at a time) and so who knows when my rationed focus will finally finish this room.  Living in this space and taking my time to change things is not only beneficial to my bank account, but it also gives me the opportunity to live and work out what pieces actually fit in with our lifestyle and what our needs (not wants) are (note the cupboard full of alcohol and cocktail shaker).

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we call this ‘mama’s cupboard’

When Bella’s father and I first moved into this home 6 years ago, we purchased a large and extendable dining table (pictured below) so that we could entertain.  And while we did do that such a large dining table was probably unnecessary for our lifestyle.  This was further evident post breakup, so I sold the one we had and downsized to this one.  The glass allows the sunlight to stream throughout the room, rather than blocking it and creating shadows which made the space feel smaller.  I will admit the glass tabletop is a pain with a grubby four year old using her hands instead of cutlery at every meal – but that’s all part of the fun of family dinners.

dining setting before (I also swapped my dining and living rooms over)

The cupboards act as additional storage and a standing desk should I so feel the urge when I’m working from home.  They also become a buffet when I hold dinner parties, keeping the dining table free of clutter.  I added the marble top and gold handles after purchasing giving it more of a luxe and more understated vibe.

This room is one of my favourites in my house (probably because it’s one of three actually completed).  Notable pieces listed below.

table – fantastic furniture

cupboards and light – ikea

chairs – matt blatt


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