JOURNAL: goodbye october

I saw something on Instagram the other day that said ‘there are two months left of this decade’ and my mind was blown.  Isn’t that absolute madness?  We’ll be in 2020 before we know it.

Anyway, October.  Blinked and you missed it.  Here is what I’ve been up to/focusing on the past month –

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  1. France.  As y’all know Bella and I are going to France next year and it is finally official.  Like, official official.  We now have flights, accommodation and (most importantly) valid passports.  Now that the essentials are done with, it’s time to focus on saving – wish me luck!
  2. My sister’s engagement party.  Note: not hers and her fiance’s – it was hers.  Joking – slightly!  Such a special night where I got to spend time with family who I haven’t seen in years.  Beautiful to see everyone enjoying themselves too.
  3. Study.  I’ve probably not been as spectacular with keeping on top of my study this past month but it’s ok – we’re getting on with it.
  4. Halloween.  Bella’s been on the trick-or-treating scene since she was 2 but this year was a little different because we went with some of her friend’s from daycare.  It was so much fun and such a nice way to cap off the month.

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Here’s what I’ve been loving to get me through the past month –

  1. Dewy, natural look makeup.  I’ve rejigged my every day makeup look this last month – I’ve been loving a more healthy dewy natural looking base.  It involves a lot of face mist and face oil underneath it all so I feel like I’m taking care of my skin even while wearing makeup.
  2. Almond, rice and/or oat milk coffees.  A few weeks ago I ran out of soy at home and desperate for a coffee, I used Bella’s rice milk.  After a few days on rice milk, I noticed that soy actually made me so bloated so I’ve been trying to avoid it where I can.
  3. Finding my warmer month work wardrobe.  Yes, it’s already November and yes, I wanted to have this sorted by now but I am extremely picky and I plan on using these pieces for years to come so I’m having to embrace the slower process.

And what I could do without this month –

  1. Stemming from my last dot point – Online shopping.  I never thought I’d say this but I am over online shopping.  Yesterday I returned 4 packages back to their online store and out of those 4 orders, I literally kept one item – a book.  I am so tired of failed purchases that I’m actually going to (try) not online shop for this whole month.  I just want to buy something and to actually be happy enough to keep it – ya know?
  2. I’ve ended the month battling a cold.  I knew it was coming.  I’ve been run off my feet for most of the year so it’s just from being burnt out and whilst I’d rather not be sick, it’s come from me doing things I love so I wouldn’t change anything.

How was your October?  Have you started dusting off your Christmas stuff yet?  Is it still too early?  Ahh the questions that keep me up at night.

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