CHRISTMAS 2019: a few gift ideas

I bloody love Christmas.  Our tree has been up for nearly two weeks and I’m constantly on the lookout for presents my loved ones will appreciate.  However, a few minutes on social media will show you that the days where Christmas is about mindless consumption and present giving for the sake of it are numbered.  Not only is it painful for the wallet, the pulling of fake smiles and empty thank-yous is nauseating and the impact of the waste on the planet in sickening. 

We’re now moving toward the purchasing gifts with thought and consideration and while I’m definitely partial to giving experiences over physical items, it’s not always possible and/or as fun.  So here’s a little list of beautiful items that would make your loved one a very happy camper:

For the little ones:

  1. CLARIS THE CHICEST MOUSE IN PARIS.  I adore Megan Hess’ work and her children’s literature is no different.  Bella will most definitely be receiving these books for Christmas.
  2. QUOITS.  Who doesn’t love a classic particularly one that can be as competitive as you like?  This one from Kmart seems to tick all the boxes – minimal plastic, any gender and (almost) any age.
  3. TRUNKI SUITCASES.  I bought one of these for Bella for her birthday and it is so handy.  They have so much more room than you think so it will definitely be coming with us to Europe next year.

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For him:

  1. COMMON PROJECTS WHITE SNEAKERS.  I love a (clean) white sneaker and these look so smart.  The perfect addition to a night out or even just a family barbecue.
  2. COUNTRY ROAD DEMM MUG.  I love a good coffee mug and this one is slightly more masculine making it a great gift for any guy in your life.
  3. AESOP MOROCCAN OIL NEROLI SHAVING DUO.  I don’t care what the guy in your life says, he would love to receive some skincare.  This pack is only small but it’s a reasonable price point for how beautiful the brand is.

For her:

  1. TATCHA TREASURES FOR PORELESS SKIN.  What I love about things like Christmas and Mother’s Day is the release of gift packs.  It means you can try a bunch of products from a different brand without breaking the bank.  Tatcha is a Japanese skin care brand and apparently all of their products are amazing – you or your loved one can try a few in this pack.
  2. AERIN DISCOVERY SET.  I don’t normally like perfume gift packs for a gift as they almost always involve one fragrance and a body wash and cream alongside it.  I find the wash and cream a bit useless.  This pack, however, has several fragrances from their range giving you another chance to try them and find your favourite(s).
  3. TIFFANY & CO GOLD VERMEIL CRAZY STRAW.  I had to include this straw in my Christmas list.  Anyone who knows me knows how I love my metal straws and Tiffany’s has made a bougie version.  A bit of a ridiculous price for one straw but it will last forever…

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Note: nothing in my post was sponsored.

Jumpsuit – Mister Zimi.  This one is sold out but you can find the same style albeit different patterns, here

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