WELLNESS: why i’ve given up coffee

Coffee.  The beverage that makes the world go ’round.  Pre-January 1 2020, coffee was my reason for getting out of bed.  The ritual of making it, smelling it and sipping it while I got ready for the day was everything.

Truth be told I had tried to give it up in the past.  But I averaged one, maybe two a day so I didn’t see the harm in indulging every day…but then I started to notice some changes in my health.  My energy levels were shocking and the more coffee I had to try and perk me up, the more tired I became.  My skin became sensitive and inflamed, the bags under my eyes were terrible, I would become agitated if I didn’t have a coffee in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon too – I was having a really tough time.

Not knowing what was causing these issues, I decided that on January 1, I would do a cleanse.  I wouldn’t do a drastic one where I wake up in the new year and automatically cut everything out.  Instead, I decided I would take a staggered approach where I would cut coffee and alcohol out first.  My plan was to remove one or two things out of my diet at a time to give my body time to adjust.

Giving up alcohol was fine and I knew it would be but coffee, on the other hand, wow!  That was tough.  I had a withdrawal headache from about 4pm on January 1 until about 8am on January 4.  I spent those days questioning why I was doing this – I mean, it was just one coffee a day…

On January 3, my headache got so bad I thought I was going to be sick from the pain – but that’s when I knew I had to keep going.  There was no way a simple beverage should have this much of a hold on me and I had to beat it.

Now that I’ve beaten my addiction to coffee, I’m honestly afraid to go back to it.  I’ve cancelled my Nespresso subscription and haven’t thought twice about it.

So now that it’s been 36 days since I’ve had coffee, here’s what I’ve noticed so far –

My energy level is consistent all day…

My skin isn’t angry and inflamed…

My under eyes aren’t as puffy…

My hormones and mood are steady…

My period isn’t as heavy or painful…

My PMS has lessened dramatically (my PMDD is completely gone *touch wood*)…

My sleep is better and…

Waking up is easier and happens naturally.

If you’re thinking about giving up coffee but need a push, I recommend reading Dr Libby Weaver’s Women’s Wellness Wisdom.  She explains the impact of coffee on the female body and I can honestly say that – it truly does wreak havoc.

As for the rest of my detox, all up I removed coffee, alcohol, wheat, dairy and processed sugar. I needed to adjust my diet and get back into the habit of focusing on fruits and vegetables when I got hungry instead of turning to toast or more coffee to fill the void. I’ve introduced everything but coffee back in but within reason. Removing coffee had the most drastic positive impact on my health and will stay out of my diet.

Would you give up coffee?

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4 thoughts on “WELLNESS: why i’ve given up coffee

  1. I gave up caffeinated drinks for a few years – I had a week of terrible withdrawal symptoms! But then slowly I built the coffee habit back up over 5 years intensive studying. I’m gradually reducing my intake now with the intention of giving up, but without the withdrawals hopefully.


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