JOURNAL: thanks jan

What a whirlwind of a month January was for us here in Aus.  From wild bushfires burning through so much of our bushland, killing our native animals and plants, families losing their loved ones, homes and possessions and, for the luckier ones of us, week on week of breathing the smoke through the air – my city suffering the lowest air quality in the entire world numerous days in a row.

Nevertheless, we’ve made it through.  We’re now in February and as I recap January, I can hear the rain falling outside. It’s beautiful.

So here’s a recap of what I accomplished last month –

  1. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to be more social.  I’ve found that I get to caught up focusing on personal goals, that I forget that I need to have time to kick back too.  January was a great start. I let myself accept social invitations without guilt and you know what – I still kicked ass with my goals.
  2. I kept to my financial goals – I’ve managed to keep saving for my holiday whilst still covering all my usual bills PLUS a major (i.e. expensive) car service, car registration and boozy catch ups, social lunches and dinners.  Something that any single parent with a mortgage and a child in daycare will tell you is quite an achievement.
  3. Survived holding Bella’s first ever play date at my house WITHOUT her friend’s parent present.  Thankfully, it was only a couple of hours and the girls were (for the most part) happy to play with each other.  Mama even got some quiet time alone to just chill on the couch and watch what SHE wanted.

Here’s also what I’ve been loving in January –

  1. Skincare and plenty of it.  Another resolution of mine this year is to up my skincare game. This past month I have been a regular at Mecca Cosmetica and although my bank account probably hurts a little, my skin is a dream.  My top product is definitely the bareMINERALS Dirty Detox Glowing and Refining Mud Mask.  Heaven.
  2. Castaner espadrilles.  Earlier last month, I did a huge Country Road shoe haul and whilst NONE of them worked out, I realised I needed some casual shoes with a bit of a heel.  So I set out for something to slightly elongate my legs as I traipse around in shorts and mini skirts throughout the five-ish summers I will experience back-to-back and found these espadrilles from Net-A-Porter.  Not exactly a small heel but I’m ok with that.  These are so easy to walk in and are so comfortable.
  3. Muvo Ultra Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.  This purple shampoo has hardcore toning powers.  It literally turns the palms of my hands purple – dw regular skin tone thankfully restored by the end of my shower.  The instructions say use it once or twice a week but I tend to use it 3 or 4 because my biggest fear in life is brassy-toned hair.

Here’s my January-Could-Have-Done-Withouts –

  1. My half sized feet or…seeing as I can’t change being in between sizes, shoe companies that don’t do half sizes.  It’s just such a struggle – ask Country Road.  The 6 pairs of shoes I ordered all went back to the store because they didn’t fit…sigh.
  2. Summers stuck inside.  Now I know I can’t complain – I’m very grateful to have an inside to be stuck in but it’s definitely not what Australian summers are all about.  The city I live in had the worst air quality in the world from all the bushfire smoke and there were some days where I couldn’t step outside without getting a headache from it all.  I hate too much screen time for both Bella and I but this summer, I just had to accept it.

Tell me what your January was like.

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