JOURNAL: summer goodbye

Well February, what do I have to say about you?  You’re usually my favourite month of the year – the summer heat, my birthday and the year has well and truly begun.

This February though…

It started off promising.  Bella has started her new school – she was excited and happy and I was more motivated than ever, kicking goals and making a lot of ground but then I got a text – I was required in Sydney for a last minute work trip.  This may not be a big deal for a lot of people but when you’re a single mum and are given minimal time to reorganise your schedule, it throws you.  Nevertheless, with a super hero dad and couple of grandparents, Bella was well taken care of and I flew off to Sydney for a gruelling few days.

I got back home the night before my birthday and on the morning of, dragged my family to Bowral to walk through Dirty Janes and any homewares stores we could find.  My dad showed us where he spent some of his childhood, we enjoyed (what we thought was) a delicious lunch out and ended the day indulging further at my parents’ house.

Suzie Henderson Home

However, the weekend (and month) finished with all of us – including 4 year old, Bella – contracting food poisoning from the lunch we had.  I had the week off work in bed, Bella was sent to school because she refused to tell me she was too unwell to attend.  She ended the Monday throwing up but in true Bella style, she all but missed herself but managed to get sick all over another kid’s shoes and lunch bag.

Now that you’ve had a run down of my month, here are some of my favourite things from Feb –

  1. American Tourister luggage.  Bella and I were aimlessly shopping through our local Outlet mall, when I saw Strandbags are having a huge sale on luggage so I did not hesitate to go and purchase both the smallest and the biggest one in the American Tourister Curio range.  Now we’re all set for any trip life presents us (regardless of notice).
  2. Winter wardrobe prep.  The OGs of this blog will remember that I started creating a wardrobe to build on last year with the intention to build on it each season and I’ve already started to purchase a few additions – they’ll of course make an appearance on the blog so keep an eye out!
  3. Organisation!  Specifically, organisation in the home.  I’m hoping to sell my townhouse and upgrade by mid-next year but for now, I’m finding ways for our space to work for us.  I’ve been finding little improvements on eBay to make my life that little bit easier – so far I’ve bought this bag for Bella’s shower toys and these boxes for our shoes.

Even with all the food poisoning and stress I was under to travel for work, there’s only one thing that I could really do without this month (and honestly, it’s a stretch) –

  1. Mecca BB cream.  Oh man, what a disappointment.  I usually wear a Korean brand BB cream (here) but haven’t been feeling the powdery finish so I thought I’d try Mecca’s.  But I’ve found it’s more of a tinted moisturiser than a BB cream.  Sad.

Suit – Oxford (pants and blazer)

Singlet – Zara

Handbag – Givenchy Antigona in small

Shoes – ASOS

*none of this blog post has been sponsored.

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