BEAUTY: how i take care of my hair

When it comes to beauty, I like to take a low key approach.  Make it easy, make it quick, make it work.

So here we go, my top tips and products for my hair –

  1. Cut and colour.  If there’s one thing I absolutely hate on my days off, it’s appointments and because of this, I literally get my hair cut twice a year and coloured once a year.  It’s also the reason I have balayage in my hair.  It’s low maintenance and as long as my hair is toned regularly and well, you can’t tell how long it’s been between salon visits.  I am also known to trim my own hair if I’ve left it too long.  In fact this week, I cut three inches off it late one night.
  2. Tone, tone, tone.  Being half Asian, when I lighten my hair, it’s prone to brassy tones so I waste no time and use a purple shampoo every time I wash my hair.  I’ve been through a few different brands to find the right one and this one here is my all time favourite.  You’ll notice I don’t use the conditioner in the range, it doesn’t have the toning capabilities of the shampoo and it isn’t badass enough to counteract the drying effect that the shampoo tends to have on my hair.
  3. Condition.  The ends of the hair are already the driest part, add to that bleach and a heavy duty toning shampoo and you could end up with disaster.  To counteract this, I looked around for a heavy duty conditioner that was also reasonably priced because Bella and I both have long hair and therefore, go through conditioner like there is no tomorrow.  This Garnier conditioner has none of the  bad stuff and really gets into the hair making it softer, hydrated and more manageable.
  4. Hair oil.  This little gem has it all, it smells good, it’s affordable, the bottle lasts ages and it does the job.  I don’t use this everyday, but when I do it’s a good 4 pumps to put it through all of my hair.  It’s nice and light so I tend to use it on dry hair to tame it if it’s a bit frizzy that day.
  5. Volume.  Not only is my hair long but it’s thick too so the weight of it can make it sit a bit flat.  To counteract this, I add this volumising mousse straight after towel drying my hair (just to the point it’s stopped dripping).  I flip my hair upside down and rub some of this mousse into my roots.  Even though I tend to shower just before bed, the mousse still creates volume that lasts until I wash my hair again.  If I’ve forgotten to add the mousse when my hair is wet, it still works fine on dry hair without being crunchy.
  6. Styling.  There are two occasions where I heat style my hair – 1) if I am having a really bad hair day or 2) if I’m killing time.  I also don’t always use heat protectant (oh, the shame!) but if I do, I use this one here.

And that’s it!  Comment below if you buy any of these products or plan to!

What do you do to keep your hair healthy?



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