THE WELLNESS SERIES: sustainable bathroom

In the quest to be more sustainable, I have turned my mind to the bathroom.

Here are a few of my ultimate (and easy to incorporate) faves.

The best part – they’re all incredibly affordable.


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rose quartz facial roller – available here – I love, love, love this facial roller.  My eyes are often puffy particularly in the morning and I love that this helps reduce that naturally.

safety razor – available here – I’m currently going through laser hair removal but the process is slow.  So in between and before each appointment, I use this razor.  It’s a million times better than any of your usual female razors AND it’s plastic free.

jojoba oil – available here – this is my absolute favourite beauty find out of all these products.  I have spent so much money on facial oils and they’re actually never that great – you also get left with so much packaging and waste.  I refill my dropper bottle at Naked Foods, my closest bulk foods store and it costs literally $4 for pure jojoba oil – winning!

soap – available here – another Naked Foods find.  This rose geranium soap smells divine, is sold without packaging and has coconut oil which is beautiful on the skin.  I absolutely love this soap.

period underwear – available here – I was in two minds about period underwear because I absolutely hate pads but I was pleasantly surprised with these.  The underwear absorbs everything and you’re left feeling dry.  The best part about these ones, is that you don’t have to rinse it in cold water like you do with other period underwear, these can be chucked into your machine and run through a cold cycle.

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