JOURNAL: halfway there

It’s been a while since my monthly recaps – the last one being March.  I tried to recap April but life in isolation leaves little to be discussed so I gave myself a break until life ramped up again.

I am still working from home full time.  It’s strange – I’m so used to it now that the thought of going to the office again gives me mixed feelings.  On one hand, the process of getting ready for the office makes me tired.  The getting up, doing makeup, packing, picking out an outfit, parking, running to and from meetings – just makes me tired.  On the other hand, the getting up, doing makeup, picking out an outfit, running to and from meetings excites me.  Basically, I’m confused.

I know I’m more lazy now too.  It’s becoming harder to get me out and about, particularly if I can make do with what’s at home.  The cold weather makes it even harder to shift me.

Here are this month’s highs:

  1. National Geographic’s Science Kits.  In my endeavour to reduce Bella’s screen time without having to brave the cold, we’ve discovered these at-home science experiment kits.  They’re such a great tool to teach your kids without them knowing they’re learning.
  2. A trip to the zoo.  This is an activity my mum friends and I love doing with the kids.  The kids love checking out the animals, having lunch and playing on the massive playground.  The mums love chatting, coffee in hand and watching the kids get more tired by the minute.  Such a great day out.
  3. Finishing my studies – forever.  I started uni in 2007, after degree hopping and a couple of years off, I am finally finished.  It will be a very long time before I ever consider studying something new again.  I’m loving the fact that this chapter of my life is now complete.
  4. Pizza movie nights and sleep overs.  Every Friday night Bella gets to choose our dinner and a movie and then sleeps over in my room.  The sleep overs are made even better by my new bed – it’s perfect for my space right now.

And this month’s low:

  1. Break outs.  Seriously skin, what is up with you?  Can you please explain why you’ve reverted back to your pubescent self (without the collagen benefits)?  I’m dying here.  Thank god for my Bible, Dr Libby Weaver’s Women’s Wellness Wisdom.  I consult this book for every women’s ailment I get and it’s never wrong.

How was your June?  Are you feeling more positive?




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