SHOP WITH ME: my spring wishlist

With winter nearly over (thank god!), I’ve started to turn my mind to my warmer months wardrobe and what gaps I need to fill this year (learn about my approach in this video).

Usually I take a pretty gung ho approach and try to buy it all at once but this season, I thought I’d let new things trickle in particularly as we have no idea what the hell is going on.

Spring where I live is a very mixed bag.  The good days are filled with clear skies, warm sun and perfect temperatures, the bad days are full of freezing cold winds and/or cold rain which have us reaching for our winter coats again.  But keen to move away from the cold, I’ve let my wardrobe focus change and have drawn on Pinterest for inspiration –

Now that it’s appropriate to begin a countdown for 1 September, I’ve taken it upon myself to trawl through the many amazing items on The Iconic and curate a list of worthy wardrobe basics –

White sneakers – everyone needs a pair of white sneakers.  There is literally a design to suit everybody’s tastes (unless you don’t like white – but does that person exist?).  I’ve had my eyes on these for a while.  I love their simplicity.

A nude bag – we’ve seen my colourful Dolce & Gabbana bag (video: here) but for the days where I want to be a bit more understated, I’m going to be reaching for this one.  Yes, I ordered mine this morning (fast and free delivery (orders over $50) so it’ll be here in time for next week’s YouTube vid) .  I’m.  In.  Love.

Good sandals – I don’t do thongs (flip flops).  I just can’t bring myself to do it.  They make me feel so out of whack – I’m that dramatic.  I have a couple of pairs of slides from last season but I want to get these too – to me, they’re a completely different vibe.  I love that they’re barely there too.

Gold huggies – day to day I wear earrings that once I put them in, I don’t need to worry about them.  I love how feminine these ones are – gold and diamonds and I’m in heaven.

White shirt – everybody needs a white shirt.  This one is linen and super simple making it a perfect wardrobe basic.  It will go well over dresses, strappy singlets, with shorts, jeans, trousers – everything.

White sweater – you’ll notice a white theme in this list.  I love all things white especially in the warmer months.  It feels pure and light and free.  This sweater has made it to this list but really, I purchased this one this morning too.  It’ll be perfect for those not-so-warm days but shows a little back making it more summer, less winter.

White cami – again, more white and again, more versatile white.  Camis are incredibly useful for layering or wearing on those stinking hot days.  I have a white cami at the moment and I would love to live in it but the straps slip and slide too much so I need to switch it out for one with adjustable straps.  Adjustable straps will also mean that I can make it more conservative for work and less so for the weekends – win win.

Black dress – let’s be real ladies, there are certain times in the month where light coloured bottoms are not feasible.  This dress is great for those times.

What’s on your new season wishlist? xx


images – all from Pinterest


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