JOURNAL: july, it was fun


July, you were good to us.  You were jam packed with friends, family, good food (the effects of which I desperately need to rectify), good purchases and lots of fun.

My month started with a four hour trip to Hale Spa being pampered head to toe.  Honestly, I would live there if I could.  It was all much needed as in late June I had been pulled aside by Bella’s preschool teacher who suggested I book her in with a behavioural optometrist to ensure her eye sight is okay.

Bella’s teacher was concerned that Bella still writes some letters backwards (she’s 4) and was looking too close at the page when she was pulled up on her errors.  To make matters worse, the optometrist we wanted to see was booked out for three weeks which meant three weeks of a being stressed out mum.

Our appointment finally rolled around mid-July and we learnt that not only does Bella have 20/20 vision, but she’s right where she needs to be developmentally.  It was honestly such a relief – I definitely cried in the optometrist’s office.  Bella also got a toy because when I’m happy I indulge…

July also saw me getting my yearly cut and colour, Bella getting her first professional hair cut, me working out the secret to school holidays (play dates and lots of them) and us indulging in a few Christmas in July parties with close friends and family.

We ended the month hitting a dead kangaroo at 100km/h on a trip back from Costco late on Friday the 31st.  We pulled over off the side of the road (parking in front of the guy who killed it half an hour prior) and had to be rescued by my dad.  Thankfully, the damage to my car was minimal (some of the plastic undercarriage just needed to be popped back in) and my little i30 continues to service our busy lives well.

My top 3 purchases for July were:

  1. A teddy coat.  I bought this coat from Princess Polly and I absolutely love it.  It is the warmest, most cosy jacket I own and I like to believe it goes with everything…mainly because I’ve been wearing it with everything.
  2. A new fridge.  As I’ve said, when I’m happy I indulge.  Bella and I stepped out for a quick lunch and ice cream and it resulted in me buying a new fridge and I ain’t mad about it.  The one we had was literally half the size, was 10 years old and had started to growl.  We managed to get free next day delivery and they took the old fridge away.  I’m loving having a fridge that suits us perfectly.
  3. A new handbag.  Those who follow me on Instagram (which, if you don’t, please do, I’d love to see you there too) and watch me on YouTube (watch the vid here) know all about this bag.  I’m obsessed and I don’t care to deny it.

And what I could have done without:

  1. The term ‘the new normal’.  Man, I hate this term.  It is so depressing.  Are we supposed to accept that we will live in this neurotic, judgmental and distanced state forever?  Will we continue to live with ‘hot spots’, forced isolation and border closures?

How was your July?


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