THE WELLNESS SERIES: what it’s like to wear period underwear

Let’s start this piece with a bit of background about me – I hate pads.  Absolutely hate them.

When I first got my period, my mum did not let me use tampons.  In fact, she feared them because of the risks of TSS – I think she thought it was guaranteed with tampon use.  Eventually – and I’m not sure how or when I started – but tampons quickly became my friend.  Ever since then I have lived and breathed the tampon life.

But just like everything, the world changes, knowledge grows and you learn that the materials used to make tampons and pads aren’t great for you, the environment and your wallet.  Organic feminine hygiene products are better for you but they don’t prevent the impacts on the other two elements – the environment and your wallet.

Companies are now offering a range of new(ish) lines – menstrual cups (for me, a guaranteed mess waiting to happen), reusable pads (no, thanks) and of course, period underwear.  When I was first given some period underwear, I was skeptical.  I felt for certain that it would be a pad equivalent.  How wrong I was.

I’m not sure what kind of magic has been sprinkled on these briefs but they feel dry all day.  The inbuilt layers are suitably sized depending on the level of absorbancy selected.  There are no smells, no shifting of pads, no remembering to top  up supplies, no monthly costs – it’s literally all good.

I’ve tried two companies now – Modibodi and Love LunaModibodi are said to be the original period underwear and they make up all but one pair of my collection (they’re also the ones I’m wearing in the picture).  They are well made, feel like normal cotton underwear and are comfortable.  There’s no obvious inbuilt pad until you actually squish the underwear. They have a wide range of cuts and colours to choose from.

Love Luna are a more accessible and affordable option.  Again, they are comfortable but the quality is noticeably lower than that of Modibodi.  You can see that there is an inbuilt pad so they look less ‘normal’ than Modibodi too.  However, they are still a great option.

But what about the cons?  There are a few – first, you definitely have visible panty lines in these (although Modibodi do offer g-strings for superlight flow).  Second, you do need to have ample supply because they aren’t supposed to be whacked in a dryer and so, will take some time to air dry – particularly if you have the overnight/heavy pairs.  I am someone who likes to have enough of everything so that I’m not wasting my time scrounging around looking for things anyway.  The last con is that you’re never really sure when to change pairs.  However I just do so before I think I have to and I’ve had no issues.

What I love most about period underwear is the ease.  As soon as your period starts, you just slip them on and get on with your day.  I honestly feel more secure and protected with these than I ever have with pads and even tampons.

Have you given period underwear a try?  Would you?


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