JOURNAL: goodbye winter

Well, I made it through another winter here.  Born and raised in a city that has all four seasons and very strong renditions of each season, you’d think by now I’d be used to the winters here but nope!  Of course, it isn’t all bad or as miserable as I’ve made out.  I do love dressing for the winter and the comfort food that comes with the weather but I love the warmer months.  A summer baby through and through, I am definitely solar-powered.

Our last month of winter went fast – very fast.  We started off the month with a shopping day and lunch out with my family.  We realised that my love for coffee must have transferred through the womb because it turns out Bella loves it too (don’t worry, she sampled decaf).

We wined and dined with friends numerous times throughout August and I’ve realised how truly blessed we are to have found the people we have.  Something I’ve never really shared on here before but for the longest time I felt I only had acquaintances.  People you spend time with in certain situations to while away the time.  But now I feel I’ve found true friends.  People who you go out of your way to spend time with and that makes me very happy.

The middle of the month saw Bella turning 5 – seriously, 5!  We celebrated with some of our nearest and dearest and she had the most amazing birthday week.

I also joined the gym…kinda.  I signed up for a 21 day pass to sample a gym closest to my home – however, I’ve realised that spring fever is real and the urge to get out in the sun rather than pound away on a treadmill is far more appealing.  The 21 day pass has now expired and I think I went to the gym 3, maybe 4 times.  Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile experiment.

My top moments for August were:

  1. Heading back to the office.  After 6 months at home, I requested to spend a day in the office to have a bit of real human interaction during my working day.  It was so nice to be able to speak to people face-to-face again and not have to do so through a computer screen.  I’ll be upping my days again this month.
  2. A new cat.  I have to admit – I am not the most animal-crazed person but I have a child who definitely is.  I’ve been promising this little girl a puppy when we move into a new house but for the moment, the upsizing has been put on hold.  Truth be told, I have never been overly keen on getting a dog.  As someone who has a lot on her plate, puppy training is something I could do without and instead have warmed to the idea of buying a cat instead.  We’re now on a waiting list for a Ragdoll cat which will hopefully be ready to come home with us just in time for Christmas.  It was going to be a surprise present but it seems someone was eavesdropping on my conversation with the breeder.  At least her excitement can now grow.
  3. Colour.  My summer vibe this year seems to be leaning toward a bit of a boho-chic cali-vibe mix with quite a bit of colour.  My first colourful purchase for the season is this jumper.  I love it and it makes me excited for the other colourful pieces that will find their way into my wardrobe.
  4. Bella’s first collaboration.  Ok, this may have been a collaboration with The Iconic and myself but as Bella was the face of it, I’m letting her claim it as hers.  See the picture of her in the pink Hunter boots above.  One proud mama here.

My bottom-most moment for August was:

  1. My failed shopping haul.  So much potential but none of it realised.  Watch it here.

How was your August?  Hope you kept well xx

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