A NEW SERIES: little black book

So here we go, the introduction to what will hopefully become a long series of posts documenting some of my favourite types of stories – dating disasters.  This is a series I’ve been thinking about for a long time but I didn’t want to jump into it without giving it some serious thought.  Stories like these deserve time and care to ensure accurate depiction of the disasters they really were. 

Of course, some of the stories will be my own – stories from dates that have been… less than successful – but I hope that eventually these posts will include stories from others too.  From friends, family and you, my beautiful readers.  I hope that this becomes a repository for the dating tragedies that we can do nothing but laugh about.

I’ve touched on stories of this nature in the past.  One of my most popular posts ever was about a guy I saw for a week at the end of 2017.  Unfortunately, due to a (one of my many) jealous boyfriend, this post was removed but the interest and response I got from that post was incredible and has left me itching to share more (you can read the ones that have survived here and here).  Now I obviously don’t plan on being able to contribute to this series alone forever but for now, let’s revel in what dating in the 21st century is like.


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