JOURNAL: dance for me

Once upon a time, I used to do monthly journals and for whatever reason, I stopped.  As always, my blog and social media evolves with me and my life and now I’ve decided I’m going to kick off my journals again – this time with weekly journals to see if there’s value for you in that.  I’d love to see whether you enjoy these so please leave a like or a comment below so I can gauge whether or not to continue.  If there’s anything I’ve gotten up to or incorporated in my life that you want to hear more about, please let me know that too.  xx

How the week began…

I literally danced the week in.  One of my girlfriends and I caught up for drinks last Saturday night and then moved to another bar to catch up with some other friends.  Before I knew it, we found ourselves on the dance floor until 2am Sunday morning.  Your girl even found herself trying out Samba for the first time ever and to be honest, I didn’t hate it.  And in case you were wondering, although I found myself shaking my hips with a few different dance partners, there won’t be any Little Black Book posts coming out of this night.

Where we went – Champagne at Monster Kitchen and Bar and dancing and delicious watermelon concoctions at The Highball Express.

What I wore –

sweater – Zara

skirt – H&M (sold out, similar here)

boots – Spurr (sold out, similar here)

I woke up bright and early ready to officially start the day on Sunday (even after only four short hours of sleep) to catch up with another girlfriend over a coffee (LARGE soy mocha, please!) and a trip to Bunnings.  I have a little project/experiment in the works and I needed to grab some things to pretty up my house.  Don’t worry, you’ll be fully informed when this kicks off.

Monday brought the start of what I have been calling – My 3 Month Sprint.  It was the beginning of 3 months where I live and breathe the goals I have set out for myself and they trump anything in my life that’s not them.  We’re starting to gain momentum now and I’m so excited to see what my life looks like in just a short period of time.

Skip ahead to Wednesday where I was booked in to have the Mirena inserted (a contraceptive device that lives within the uterus) but it didn’t all go to plan.  Apparently my cervix is so narrow that she couldn’t get the measuring tool inside let alone the device itself.  After lying there with my legs open, fully exposed and being prodded on the first day of my period, we had to call it a day and book me in at a later time hoping my cervix decides to relax enough to let the Mirena in.  The OGs of this blog may be shocked by this activity for a couple of reasons – 1. that I’m trying contraception again and 2. after successfully having the Mirena inserted before, that we had so much difficulty this time ’round.  (And for those who aren’t Where I Am OGs, you can read about my contraception troubles here.)  I can’t quite explain what’s made me consider contraception again, perhaps it’s the fact that I feel I play Russian Roulette every time I have sex or perhaps it’s the fact that now seems to be the perfect time to trial while I’m not in a relationship and I can truly gauge the impacts the contraception may have on me and it not be a scapegoat for a relationship that I am actually unhappy in – as was possibly the case last time.

According to the doctor, insertion last time was successful as I had conveniently been given some medication for another ailment I had which had ‘softened and made the cervix more cooperative’.  As I haven’t needed this medicine this time around, my cervix has decided to stand its ground.  We’ve decided to give her a couple of weeks to get over her temper tantrum and try again mid-June possibly with the assistance of valium. Wish me luck!

I spent the rest of the week pottering around the house in between cramping and focused on journaling, self improvement, decluttering (both possessions and people), reading and even managed to pick up my French lessons again.  Life is feeling pretty good and I’m excited to face the new week – lucky too, it’s going to be huge.

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