JOURNAL: drapetomania

Those who follow me on Instagram often comment how on-the-go my life is. Truth is, I have to live my life that way. If I stay still for too long, I start to feel stale and lose who I am a little.  It had been a few weeks since I’d been out of town and I was getting too in my head for my own (and probably my friends’) liking. So. To refresh and recharge, Bella and I started the week with a little road trip to Bowral – a small country town a couple of hours away from the city I live in. 

As a kid who has experienced her fair share of little day trips, Bella has setting up the car’s back seat down to an art.  She grabs her DVD player, DVDs (no iPads on our trips as I try to keep tabs on what she watches as much as possible), headphones, snacks, toys and water bottle, kicks off her shoes and she’s good to go. 

Where we went – Dirty Janes and a few other boutique home and vintage stores that we found in the area.  

What I bought – some amazing hooks from Suzie Anderson Home.  (Unfortunately the ones I bought aren’t on their website, but they have some others which are equally amazing.)

What we ate – High Tea at Your Vintage Occasion.  Bella absolutely loves it there.

What I wore – 

jacket – Princess Polly

sweater – Forever New (sold out, similar here)

jeans – Country Road

boots – ASOS

bag – Givenchy

Monday started with the two of us completely rugged up for a playdate at the park with one of Bella’s new school friends.  Unfortunately for this friend, party girl Bella was a bit too social for her liking and quickly became friends with another girl she met at the park.  Before I knew it, Bella and new-friend Audrey had stripped off their gloves, beanies and parkas and were running around barefoot and fueling themselves with Audrey’s fairy floss (cotton candy for my American readers).  I attempted to remind Bella a few times that not everyone is as confident as her with making new friends and she should make more attempts to include her school friend and although Bella tried, her school friend was still too shy to keep up.  We finished up the play date at lunchtime and Bella and I went and did a very small grocery shop as neither of us would be home that week and found the most delicious vegan brownies at Woolworths.  We both had a square after lunch and when Bella left for her week with her dad, I demolished the rest with a giant glass of oat milk.  Not a bad way to finish off the long weekend.  

The universe must have realised how much I needed to get out of town too because I was back in Sydney to work again on Tuesday and stayed there until Saturday morning.  What I do outside of work hours when I’m away changes depending on my mood.  Some trips I’m out and about, wining and dining until late into the night or sometimes I’m a hermit and I only move between the office and my hotel room.  This was one of those trips.  I didn’t feel like being social, I just wanted to get in and out, have my food delivered to my door and enjoy my own company and so that’s what I did.  I know it seems silly to need to get out of town and then be a hermit in a different city but my job requires me to socialise with a large variety of people and after 8 hours of that a day, I need my own space to be with my thoughts.  I also take full advantage of Sydney being a walking city when I’m there and I pull my energy from just wandering the streets before and after work.

Last week’s journal had me telling you about the hardcore focus I’m putting on my goals for the next three months and my being away didn’t put those on hold.  Every morning I woke at 5am, had my lemon water while I waited for my body to properly function, worked out, journaled, listened to my audiobook, checked my finances, got ready for work and stopped at my beloved Starbucks on the way where I have a favourite barista who calls me ‘Jess’ even though my order always says ‘Jessica’ (yeah, we’re that close :P).  This trip made me one very, very happy girl.

I finished off my week with a family dinner at my parents’ house, making it home for an early-ish bedtime ready to wake at 5am on Sunday morning to start the week again.

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