BEAUTIFUL YOU: the items i keep repurchasing – the skin care edition

When it comes to certain things in life, I operate with a ‘think as little as you can’ mentality.  I use this mentality with various routines and processes – it helps my life run a little bit smoother giving me time to focus on important things.  I take this approach with my skin care too – once I find a product that works for me, I automatically repurchase it when it runs out.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I do impulse buy but for the most part, I buy what I know I like.

This post is all about the skincare products that I repurchase without a second thought and I will continue to do so until they stop making them or they don’t service my needs any longer.  Conveniently, most are from MECCA meaning I get to, for the most part, do a big order from the one place.  Over the course of the month, I will add items running low to a list in my phone so that at the end of the month, I can sit down, order them all at once and move on with my day.

  1. Go-to Very Useful Face Cream.  I love this stuff.  All its ingredients are actually moisturising to the skin, instead of pretending to be by using things like silicon to make you believe your skin is softer when it’s not. I purchase it in the tub and slather it on morning and night.
  2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater.  This spray is supposed to hydrate your skin but to be honest, I can’t really say it does but that doesn’t stop me from buying it time and time again.  Another product I use morning and night AND even take a travel size around with me in my handbag to spray when I need a little pick-me-up during the day.  It’s definitely the scent for me, rather than skincare – I love the smell and it makes me one very happy girl.
  3. Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen Oxybenzone Free Formula.  Sunscreen.  Don’t ask.  Just do it.  This one goes on my skin after my moisturiser and before my makeup. Every. Damn. Morning.  It sits on the skin nicely and doesn’t eff with my makeup.  Little pisses me off more than skincare that messes up my makeup.  This sunscreen is NOT a moisturiser with sunscreen.  I’ve tried to have it on it’s own.  It failed.  Badly.  But as sunscreen (ie what it is made for), it is amazing.  I have a tube in my bathroom and one in my car which I put on the backs of my hands every time I get in there.  Hands show your age very quickly ladies, protect them.
  4. St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Face Mist.  I don’t know if tanning products constitute as skincare but I am putting it in here anyway.  I spray it on about once a week in winter and it helps me glow.  Everything looks better with a tan.
  5. Heimish All Clean Balm.  This product ALWAYS features on my skin care lists.  I’ve literally been using it for years.  It removes my makeup – even my waterproof mascara, doesn’t dry out my skin and gets it all off in one go (not that I don’t still double cleanse).  I’ve tried other oil/balm cleansers but none have compared…even when they are conveniently available from a store that 99.99% of my skincare and makeup products come from.  I hope they never stop making this.  I’d truly be lost.

So that’s it.  That’s my skincare must-have list.  It’s taken a while to get here but we made it.  I love every single one of these products.  Don’t forget to tag me ( if you purchase any of these and post them on Instagram.

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