JOURNAL: is winter over yet?

I don’t know how but the year is absolutely flying by and yet winter seems to be taking an age to pass through.  I have well and truly been battling with the winter blues.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d do another monthly update on the blog for July/August because my May/June one got a pretty good reception.

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date night lovin’

Do you know what is tough?  Remembering to have date after the kids start coming.  We’ve learnt that it is so important to not be parents together every so often just to keep our sanity and to remember that we still kinda like each other.

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all blogs have to start from somewhere

Welcome to my new blog.  For those who recognise me, yes, I am the creator of LifeStyle Gypsy.  I have abandoned that blog to start fresh.  Blogs have to move with your life, otherwise it becomes disingenuous and that’s how I felt that blog had become.

This blog is a platform to post about my life, my inspirations – where I am.

I hope you enjoy.

 – xxoo –