WELLNESS: why i’ve given up coffee

Coffee.  The beverage that makes the world go ’round.  Pre-January 1 2020, coffee was my reason for getting out of bed.  The ritual of making it, smelling it and sipping it while I got ready for the day was everything. Continue reading

DRESS FOR YOU: sneakers let you run faster

I wanted to try something different with my wardrobe last winter.  After culling my wardrobe vigorously, I realised something – I had owned a lot of crap.  A lot of ‘I might like it one day’ pieces, a lot of ‘this is good but only for this occasion’ pieces, a lot of stuff I had gotten sick of but thought I might like again and a lot of poor online purchases.

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simple, yet effective

I love this quick and easy look.  Thrown together in a second and (baby willing) can take you from day to night.  The floral pattern on the bomber jacket adds a beautiful feminine element to a masculine design.

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a little bit of the french riviera

My wardrobe is full of simple pieces. Pieces that require the smallest bit of effort to wear but give the impression you’ve put in effort.

I find it’s easy to achieve with little details – an off the shoulder top, the colour of my shoes or a hat.  All fuss free but come together to form an outfit that says I care.  Continue reading

here comes the sun

It’s starting to feel like spring.  The days are still hit and miss but there’s definitely more sun and a little more energy in the air.  We’re lucky where we live – we get the full brunt of each season.  To me, this means four different wardrobes and lots of transitional pieces.  This outfit is all about transition – brave enough to expose a little skin, but not brave enough to leave home without a light jacket.

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